Taylor Mitchell

Taylor Mitchell


Taylor Mitchell is a 18yr. old singer songwriter. Dubbed a musical tempest, she is constantly experimenting with and perfecting her craft. She draws much of her influence from music’s past, adding an old time feel to her warm, down to earth vocals and captivating lyrics.


"Taylor Mitchell's debut CD belies her young age. It's filled with depth, honesty, and talent that is rare and genuine, and is a sign of even greater things to come. Watch her fly." -Lynn Miles

“Taylor Mitchell has been diligently listening to the songs of the greats all of her young life – Lightfoot, Joni, Neil Young to name a few – she is on her way to building a sweet collection of her own. Her youthful enthusiasm and catchy, melodic tunes will draw you in.” -Suzie Vinnick

"Taylor Mitchell is a friendly old soul. She sings what she knows, and she knows what she sings. Everytime I see her, I ask myself: how is it possible for an 18-year-old to write and sing with such honesty and courage?" -Michael Johnston

"She's a wonderful young talent and I'm sure she has a bright musical career ahead! I look forward to featuring more tracks on future shows!"
Greg Schatzmann, CJLX, "Sunday Coffeehouse"

Taylor Mitchell is an 18-year-old singer songwriter whose engaging vocal style and captivating lyrics belie her young age. Praised by such Canadian luminaries as Lynn Miles, Justin Rutledge, and Michael Johnston, Taylor has just released her debut full length recording “For Your Consideration“- a collection of mostly original songs that showcases a range of styles, from folk to country-rock to pop, and reflects the diversity of her talent.

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, she studied music and dance from an early age, attending the prestigious Etobicoke School of the Arts with a major in musical theatre.

In 2006, Taylor met Suzie Vinnick, a Maple Blues award-winning artist. The two forged an instant connection, and went on to co-write two songs that appear on “For Your Consideration”.

In 2007, Taylor was invited to participate in the Youth Mentoring Program at the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals (OCFF) Conference. Taylor mentored one-on-one with Juno award- winner Lynn Miles. Miles was so impressed by the young singer-songwriter that the two went on to write “Ride Into the Sunset”, which Taylor recorded as a duet with Justin Rutledge on “For Your Consideration”.

Taylor also collaborates with Michael Johnston, who recorded her first EP in 2007. When Taylor approached Michael about recording an album’s worth of original material, Johnston enthusiastically agreed to produce.

Johnston enlisted an all-star cast of musicians to serve as Taylor’s band in the studio, including John Dinsmore (Kathleen Edwards), Anne Lindsay (Jim Cuddy Band), Jason Mercer (Ani DiFranco, Ron Sexsmith), Justin Rutledge and Noel Webb (Skydiggers). Both Vinnick and Miles also appear on the recording.

In August 2008, Taylor began recording at Dinsmore’s Lincoln County Social Club studio, in the heart of Parkdale, in downtown Toronto. Taylor’s album was recorded over 5 days, in an organic, live-off-the-floor fashion. Engineered and mixed by Chris Stringer (Rush, Jory Nash), the 10 songs include a haunting duet with Miles on “Diamond and Rust” by Joan Baez, and a Crazy-Horse style take on Gordon Lightfoot’s “Love and Maple Syrup”.

Taylor was also a Canadian youth finalist in the 2008 Mountain Stage Newsong contest, and performed two songs at the finals held as part of the Ottawa Folk Festival. Taylor Mitchell plans to tour folk clubs and festivals across Canada in 2009, coinciding with the release of her full-length recording.

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Written By: Taylor Mitchell


Small town favour, small town heart
What I ask of you wont bring you back to start
Because all I know, is who I claim to be
A robber and a banker
A matchbox and a tree.

The city lights can shine so hard
Can you find yourself blinded in their fog?
Though fog is all I know, it’s what I’l leave behind
So when this storm has gone and passed I’l clear it from my mind.

CH: Clarity,
I’m asking for a simpler time
Simple times and simpler places.

Burning embers, fall from grace
Every lie you’ve lived is written on your face
Your face is what I miss; it was stolen in the night
I’ve lost track of where you are
Vanished from my sight.


Small town promise, city soul
Am I what I tell myself, or what I’m being told?
‘Cause all I know, is who I claim to be
A robber and a banker,
A matchbox and a tree

Cause all I know,
Is really all I need.
A robber and a banker,
A matchbox and a tree.

Don't Know How I Got Here

Written By: Taylor Mitchell


I was born beneath a smoky light,
Couldn’t faze me if you tried,
I’ve got a broken father and a head full of ghosts,
Lost my mother to a paper war,
Lost my mother to a paper war.

I don’t know where I’m going but I’m headed there fast,
Floating on the memories of a lifetimes past,
I’m missing that man with the darkened eyes,
He’s got the soul of a lion and the claws and the cry,
Soul of a lion and the claws and the cry.

CH: So please help me understand,
How do you smile and shake a cruel mans hand,
Please help me see the light
I don’t know how I got here but I don’t want a fight,
Don’t know how I got here but I don’t want a fight.

Woke up today and the sun had died,
People they shivered but they just couldn’t cry,
There floating on the fumes of war and cash,
Never come together; never want to go last,
Never come together never want to go last.

And where was that man when the sun went down,
Where was that man when I lost my crown?
Where was that man when I needed him most?
In the fallout shelter with the rest of my ghosts,
The fallout shelter with the rest of my ghosts,
The fallout shelter with the rest of my ghosts.
ã Taylor Mitchell 2008

Ride Into The Sunset

Written By: Taylor Mitchell, Lynn Miles, Michael Johnston

Ride Into the Sunset

well my trials but a memory, and my torch but a light
It appears I’ve misjudged you, out of mind, out of sight
How you murmured forgiveness, how you beckoned release
Now your bags packed and bundled, how there size has decreased
Without me, without me
you packed your bags without me.

well I watched you from my window, wind tossing my hair
As you walked out the garden, to a prairie cold and bare
Windblown clouds gray and empty, pipe smoke tangled in the trees
Now I smell it on my shoulder, where your kiss would comfort me
Comfort me, comfort me,
that's where your kiss would comfort me

now you’re leaving me my darling, and I’ll have to let you go
You leave me with my sorrow, my freedom's all I’ll know
But I’ll wave goodbye behind you, and I’ll wish you all my best
As you ride into the sunset, and this subtle silence rests
Around me, around me.
Around me, around me.
This silence rests around me.


*For Your Consideration- 2009

1) Don't know How I Got Here
2) For Your Consideration
3) Clarity
4) Ride Into The Sunset
5) Fun While It Lasted
6) Diamonds and Rust
7) Trick Of The Light
8) Secluded Roads
9) Shelter From The Storm
10) Love and Maple Syrup

Produced by Michael Johnston.

*4 song EP in 2007
1) Secluded Roads
2) For Your Consideration
3) Belief
4) Trick of the light
Produced by Michael Johnston

Set List

Set List:

Depending on the venue, I can play a half hour to a 2 hour set. I play mostly original songs with a few covers of artists such as Gordon Lightfoot, Joan Baez, Neil Young, and John Prine.