Taylor Moore and the Bordeaux Brothers
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Taylor Moore and the Bordeaux Brothers

Greer, South Carolina, United States

Greer, South Carolina, United States
Band Americana Rock


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"Review from Handlebar: A Listening Room owner and novelist, John Jeter"

"Taylor Moore lived the life, still does. For several years, he knocked around the Virgin Islands, playing gigs here and there, sharpening his guitar axe, wastin’ away and searchin’ for a lost shaker of some damn thing. He’s a good lookin’ fella, too. Has those golden frat-boy looks, Tom Cruise smile, Caribbean-sea eyes—all that. Then, something happened. Taylor moved back to Greenville, South Carolina, closer to family, and he got a little fire in the belly. He got a little yearnin’ to burn, wanting to make a name for himself in the music business. No sooner can you say, “Jimi Hendrix,” the boy’s smokin’ bars like homies lighting up blunts on a street corner. There he is in bars and concert halls, the girls getting’ all jiggy wid’ it and the guys wondering who the blues-rock guitar slinger is that’s turning the chicks inside out. Well, see, he’s also hooked up with Matt Holmes, too, another young Brat Pack-lookalike, one of those bicycle-racer types with the lean physique and the clean-cut good looks you would never expect to see … in a drummer. Now that youngster can clean the skins. Sort of a Charlie Watts-meets-Buddy Miles style of drummer—a white boy whose wrists and hands do all the work, keeps the beat and flat-out rocks with a strong blues backbeat. Meantime, Taylor’s slicing through rock and blues numbers like he’s actually having fun. He even puts spaces between notes (imagine that!). He writes his own songs, tunes that don’t have that same-ol’ same-ol’ three-chord blues humdrum sound, material with a party-your-ass-off island vibe that’s a nod to the days (and nights) when he was flip-flopping through Margaritaville and looking for rock that wasn’t all fizzy pop. Taylor’s a pro; when he, Matt and bassist Shaun Ritchie covered Santana’s star-making “Soul Sacrifice” at a recent Woodstock tribute, the trio flat freaked people out. And that’s just the music side. Along the way, see, Taylor got smart with the business part of the music business. Like a good ‘rita, which takes quality ingredients (crappy tequila and low-rent lime juice make little better than a nasty hangover), Taylor’s figured out that the music business is 90% business and 10% music. No problem with the latter, and he’s got the brains, drive and moxie to work the former. Complete box set. Okay, sure “Taylor Moore” might sound like one of those cheap pink wines you can buy by the carton. But, what the hell, chilled and poured out at a picnic with some fiery drumsticks? Whole thing’ll light you up. Just like Taylor, whose first few spicy, even incendiary licks, backed by the crisp and thumpin’ beats of Matt Holmes and the blitz-infused, bumpin' stylings of Shaun Ritchie, will keep you coming back for … Moore." - John Jeter


Taylor Moore and the Bordeaux Brothers (EP).



After a scorching year-long run through the U.S. Virgin Islands, Taylor Moore, a Greenville, S.C. native, has opted to return his funk-laden, blues-drenched, salt air-ravaged guitar-driven brand of music back to the South. A move nearly four years in the making, the 24 year-old has reunited with former drummer Matthew "The Saltiest Dog" Holmes, a heavy-hitting virtuoso in his own right, and the deep-thumping, blitz-influenced styling of bassist Shaun Ritchie. The wailing horns -- both the New Orleans-inspired alto saxophone, and steady menacing rumble of the baritone sax -- of Lance "Armstrong" Stockton have been filling the hottest, scummiest and more legit clubs and venues throughout Southeast. This vicious and weird contingent together form the most severe and embattled band to ever grace the Carolinas: Taylor Moore and the Bordeaux Brothers.

Mr. Moore -- perhaps better known as "The Last of the Savage, Booze-addled, Guitar Czar Crooners" -- is just coming off a bizarre and extremely twisted tour through the U.S. Virgin Islands, where he has now gained celebrity status. Every six months or so, throngs will gather on the island of St. Croix, boozed out and flailing limbs in crude, gyrating dance moves to his original hits such as: One More Drink (To Climb My Baby), Carolina Winter, Rasputin's Day Out and (If You're Gonna Do It) Do It Right. This scene is quite similar home in South Carolina, near steaming locales such as the Handlebar, Brown Street Club or The Irish Pub in Greenville, while in downtown Charleston -- from The Silver Dollar and O'Malley's on King Street, to Johnson's Pub near the Market -- Mr. Moore's style is, too, beginning to take precedent. Mr. Moore has also broken into Atlanta's hot music scene with a recent slot at renowned hotspot and career-launcher, Smith's Olde Bar.

Mr. Moore and the Bordeaux Brothers -- whose influences range from Chris Duarte and Jimi Hendrix, to Ryan Adams and Ray LaMontagne -- have just finished their debut EP, recorded at South Eastern Studios (Marshall Tucker Band) and mastered by Nashville's Rich Ramsey (Keith Urban) and are fresh off of opening slots for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and Jay Clifford (Jump, Little Children). Mr. Moore has also shared stages with Corey Smith and local Country Blues King, Mac Arnold. In between playing countless gigs throughout the Caribbean and the Carolinas, Mr. Moore is currently hunkered down in a small, one-bedroom apartment in Greenville, S.C., plotting, while swilling on a bottle of Kentucky Gentleman and partaking in heavy songwriting.

Taylor Moore: Chief Guitar. Head vocals. Matt Holmes: Drums, percussion. Background vocals. "The Saltiest Dog." Shaun Ritchie. Head bass. Lance Stockton. Alto and Baritone Saxophone.