Taylor Morrison

Taylor Morrison


She hails from a very talented musical family and is making her way in Gospel, Country and Pop Music.


Taylor 2 years ago came out of a break from the music industry , now back full force as a vocalist,talent developer. As a vocalist, heart-felt emotion, and undying passion is the only way to describe Taylor Morrison!
Following in the footsteps of her Rock Legend distant Cousin : Jim Morrison of the Doors.

Like many present-day singers, Taylor began her career as a child singing southern gospel music in churches and talent shows.Her singing cousin, and mentor "Conway Twitty/aka Harold Jenkins" influenced her music .

It wasnt until her teens singing southern gospel music that she realized that being on stage she felt empowered, and found she could move her audience to tears and literally to their knees weeping at the songs she sang .......but more so felt and gave it all from her heart.

Her cross-section of influences gives her the ability to take a song and make it her own.
Taylor is a professional backup vocalist, singer, songwriter who traveled extensively several years ago but took a break from life as a backup vocalist. She bounces between Myrtle Beach and Nashville her 2nd home.
Unique is the word for Taylor. ...........Passionate in her love of music.

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