Taylor Warren

Taylor Warren


Hi my name is Taylor Warren and our style of music is a cross between pop rock and alternative, with very catchy hooks and solid lyrics. Our music definately tells a story.


Taylor Warren a kid from orange county formed the band in late 2008 when members Mark Taylor, Kevin Giltz, and Josh Auer stepped up to be the full time band. Since then we have had many shows working around our schedules and things just seemed to click. Through our Pop Rock/Alternative we are trying to build this into something greater, something that can impress everyone who loves music. We try and keep it personal with fans so they know that we do truly appreciate them pushing us to be our best. We all live for the "live" experiences. This is what we want to do.


Our first EP released in August titled
"I Am Who I Am." It has 5 songs.

Set List

Our set can last from 30-60 minutes. We play all original music. Our set list begins with. I Am Who I Am, Just Hold On, Never Wanted, Mistake, Up To You, Say The Words, Wasting All My Time, Word Is, Someone Like You, Lost For Words.