Ta'ziyah Naharah

Ta'ziyah Naharah

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If God had rhythm would you dance to it. Maybe live to it. How would you describe it. Ta'ziyah lives to this rhythm, and is actually an instrument of it's infinite expression. As natural as the heart keeps its rhythm, Ta'ziyah brings life to music with every beat of the boom bap, boom bap.


My father sung at funerals. My mother directed the youth choir. So I greet death with a song, and give my generation guidance through rhythm. I traveled at the age of 19 and found a home in New York. With 600.00 a few CDs, and Love. The 4 letter word formerly stated was the only thing that lasted and is still here today. My father kept a guitar in his room, which I would sneak to pick at while he was gone. The vibration of the melody began to become embedded in my heart. Later after a divorce between my parents, the next noble man my mother fell in love with kept his guitar in the living room. One day I picked it up to strum and he suggested that I should take it home with me. The sound had seemed to accommodate my peace, which in turn made my words in song and poetry more elaborate. Now in my moments of silence I experiment.


Love for the underground: words & songs that penetrate

Set List

If I could be God- acoustic
Mother is the map to the heart- acoustic
I transcend- Hip Hop
Elevate how I want to- acoustic/spoken word
I enjoy you- spoken word
Find your beat- spoken word