Tazz Washington

Tazz Washington


Tazz Washington, the fastest growing drummer in popularity , compared by many to such drummers as Dave Weckl, Akira Jimbo, Horacio El Negro, Steve Vertigo. He is also a much sought after contemporary Gospel drummer with 28 years of experience. Contact at 813-236-4576 and 818-207-9257


Tazz has performed and recorded with :
Sergio Mendes, Tito Puente, Kim Burrell, David Benoit, Dave Koz, Eric Darius, Sonny Khoeblal, Rob Meister, Izzy Chait, Jierra, Emanuele Ruffinengo ( Grammy Award winning Latin Pop Producer), Alan Sams, John P.Kee, LaShun Pace, Fred Johnson.

Tazz is influenced by : God, Dave Weckl, Omar Hakim, Billy Cobham, Steve Gadd, Akira Jimbo, Will Kennedy, Sergio Mendes and others.

What sets Tazz apart from other drummers ?
His creative ability to express and conversate through a combination of African, jazz, funk and Latin rhythms, makes him the so sought after drummer by many as he also is visually very exciting and enhances any artist's show.
Extreme ability to learn concert/studio material fast, and being distinguishly tasteful.

He is available for shows, studio sessions as well as percussion and drumlessons and, martial arts instruction in addition to all that !

" It's not what I play, that you listen to, but it's what I say "- Tazz Washington, Nov.XX4


Kim Burell,
Wings of Peace album by Sonny Khoeblal ( www.sonnykhoeblal.com)