Tar Beach

Tar Beach


A funky infectous fusion of danceable grooves in a an eclectic rock/pop melting pot. With a feel of Allman Brothers, Ben Harper and The Black Crowes.


Originally formed at Lafayette College and based in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Tar Beach is a band that has been gaining notoriety thanks in large part to its grass-roots philosophy and its tireless commitment to touring. Formed in December of 2000, the band is known for its tightly crafted tunes and its energetic live show.

Drawing from such eclectic influences as the Allman Brothers Band, Peter Gabriel, Van Morrison, the artists of Motown, Ben Harper and the Rolling Stones, Tar Beach prides itself on creating complex but refreshing musical landscapes while at the same time writing lyrics that will strike a true chord with the listener. The vast majority of the band’s songs revolve around the theme that by recognizing, confronting and, eventually persevering through sadness and the obstacles of life, we will more truly appreciate and embrace the beauty and happiness of it all. With a lineup consisting of acoustic and electric guitar, violin, Latin and African percussion, harmonica, bass and drums, the band’s sound is difficult to categorize. However, the refreshing blend is accessible to pop fans as well as the most ardent critic.

Tar Beach is determined to break down musical boundaries; that is that their intricate and diverse musical arrangements need not be seen as the bastard step-child of the mainstream. Songs which push boundaries from an instrumental perspective can have insightful and meaningful lyrics as well as a melody that sends shivers down your spine.


Silent Cries

Written By: d. campos

Delirious in ways; Mysterious delays kept inside.
Like a moving train they’re often thought insane with delicate eyes.
There’s a child screaming in the distance, right next to me.
Don’t know why dreaming for an instance might set them free.
In silence you tell me. I hear you.
Your cry, it compels me to fear you.
The words you implanted speak like a prayer.
Absurd and enchanted as if you’re right there.

Millions walk in silence, but we’re too deaf to hear.
They've got substance and violence echoing from their fear to be alone.

Forgetting grateful skies hoping to recognize yet on go the days.
Regretting fateful lies, open to realize you’re set on your ways.
The words you implanted speak like a prayer.
Absurd and enchanted as if you’re right there.

So now we’re walking, now we’re talking in different tongues of the human race.
I got people to see, places to go, many I’ve seen, and none that I know.
No time to delay.


theep. EP (2005)
Silent Cries LP (2003)
Milkboy Sessions EP (2002)
Before Night Falls EP (2001)

Set List

Set Lists range from 1 hour to endless.
Tar Beach typically plays until the owners throw them off stage and their van has been towed.

Tar Beach will throw in a couple of cover songs ranging from "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder to "Into the Mystic" by Van Morrison and "Turn on your Lovelight" by the Dead, along with Black Crowes, and Allman Brothers tunes.

The band generally plays original songs with covers thrown in to entertain newcomers and give returning fans something fresh and different.