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The best kept secret in music


Tar Beach, an eclectic and grooving rock sextet from Philadelphia, has been on the
prowl ever since their inception in 1999. They have jammed in top-notch rooms and
played the college circuits of Penn State, Lafayette College, and Drexel University.
And, Tar Beach has shared the stage with other national acts such as Fighting Gravity,
The Sugar Hill Gang, and Tripping Billies.

If you noticed the line-up you will be alerted to the variety of instruments the
band uses in their arsenal. They exhibit a polished blend of all the musical influences
that each individual member brings to the table: Dave Campos’ lead vocals are one
of a kind with soul and R&B flair and even rocks out the harmonica and hand percussion.
Ned Allis on Lead Guitar and Steve Miller on Acoustic Guitar give a rich instrumental
drive inspired by southern rock and blues. Bryan Berry on Violin gives the band a
solid dose of ethereal energy with his riveting chops and sure handed bow. The rhythm
section of Karim Ouazzi on Bass and Jim Reeder on Drums have forged a backbeat that
meets somewhere on the crossroads of slap-funk and heavier rock and roll.

Earlier this year Tar Beach hit the lab to record their 4 song Demo at the renowned
Milkboy Recording Studio in Philadelphia PA. The Demo is a good eye-opener for those
who haven’t witnessed this talented act in person. One thing is certain: These guys
can really get down! With all the musical influences and attributes that each member
brings to this band Tar Beach dives into your senses as a polymorphic rhythm machine.
The compositions are tightly knit and are very appealing and fresh.

Tar Beach is for real, folks. They are strong instrumentally, write great lyrics,
and front-man Dave Campos really ignites this group with a powerful voice and presence
that is truly unique. The band has a great groove and velocity that is infectious
and is highly danceable. If these guys aren’t soon to be found in the limelight and
pestered by record labels then someone is not paying attention. - Phreshwater.com

"...The Gene Pool experienced a near tidal surge of talent from the Philadelphia area this year and Tar Beach Band happened to be the first into the water. These guys have such an addictive and unique sound that will make a fan out of all who see them live. In the same manner that Dave Matthews Band has a broad appeal, Tar Beach is positive vibes and danceability all the way! Their track, ‘Next Road’, was the unanimous decision to lead off our CD and when you hear it you’ll see that it’s harmonic velocity gets things cranked up right when the laser hits the groove..." - Phreshwater.com

This CD is fantastic! If it's available in your area run right out and buy it. I don't even know what to say, I like the music that much. These are some amazing musicians. The violin adds an unexpected texture to the music. Hip, funky, danceable songs with strong vocals and stronger percussion. Reviews have compared Tar Beach to Dave Matthews and Blues Traveler, but I think that pays a terrible disservice to the band. The music is fresh, imaginative and inspired. - Score! Music Magazine

What happens when you combine Dave Matthews and Blues Traveler? You get Tar Beach, a funk fusion rock band with R&B passion and Latin percussion roots.

"Talent is sexy. Passion combined with talent is sexier." That was the first thought I had when I saw Tar Beach perform live in the Village. As soon as I returned home, I Google'd the band, found their MP3 page and now I'm a diehard fan.

Every member of Tar Beach is a real musician, someone dedicated to the craft of sound. It is literally impossible to hear these six men perform without dancing in your seat.

Bryan Berry's violin will lead you in Pied Piper fashion through each song. The powerful rhythm section will take you on an off-lyric journey. And Dave Campos's harmonica, vocals and percussion will surely ensorcell anyone with an iPod.

Better yet, see Tar Beach live. Their recordings are fabulous, but this band is absolutely mesmerizing on stage. - Siren Song Magazine

You've heard of the Grammys, the VMAs and the Billboard Music Awards. Now there's a new trophy to win. Siren Song Magazine is sponsoring the 2003 Siren Awards to honor the musicians we've featured this year.

Nominations were culled into a ballot and posted on the Web to be rated by Siren Song readers and fans. Here are the winners!

Band of the Year is ...
Tar Beach

Featured in Issue 9

Other noms:
* Fighting Gravity
* Guinness Clarke's Wine
* July For Kings
* Maktub - Siren Song Magazine


theep. EP (2005)
Silent Cries LP (2003)
Milkboy Sessions EP (2002)
Before Night Falls EP (2001)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Originally formed at Lafayette College and based in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Tar Beach is a band that has been gaining notoriety thanks in large part to its grass-roots philosophy and its tireless commitment to touring. Formed in December of 2000, the band is known for its tightly crafted tunes and its energetic live show.

Drawing from such eclectic influences as the Allman Brothers Band, Peter Gabriel, Van Morrison, the artists of Motown, Ben Harper and the Rolling Stones, Tar Beach prides itself on creating complex but refreshing musical landscapes while at the same time writing lyrics that will strike a true chord with the listener. The vast majority of the band’s songs revolve around the theme that by recognizing, confronting and, eventually persevering through sadness and the obstacles of life, we will more truly appreciate and embrace the beauty and happiness of it all. With a lineup consisting of acoustic and electric guitar, violin, Latin and African percussion, harmonica, bass and drums, the band’s sound is difficult to categorize. However, the refreshing blend is accessible to pop fans as well as the most ardent critic.

Tar Beach is determined to break down musical boundaries; that is that their intricate and diverse musical arrangements need not be seen as the bastard step-child of the mainstream. Songs which push boundaries from an instrumental perspective can have insightful and meaningful lyrics as well as a melody that sends shivers down your spine.