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Some people talk a good street game in there rhymes, but I was bred into it since birth.Rapping and creating music became an escape for me away from the coldness of my life. I am like a 16 wheeler without brakes. People better get out the way, because it’s time for me to let loose.


A Real One Records CEO

Terrence Peters, better known by his stage name "T-Balla", is a talented rapper who was born in Memphis, Tennessee and grew up part of his life in Clinton, Iowa. T-Balla started his music career back as a teenager while hustling his way up out of poverty. "Some people talk a good street game in there rhymes, but I was bred into it since birth", says T-Balla. It was extremely confusing and difficult growing up as a kid seeing the FBI raid his house and take his parents away to jail. He felt that he had no choice but to hustle and try to make a better life for himself.

“Rapping and creating music became an escape for me away from the coldness of my life", says T-Balla.

He realized that in order to make it in the music business he was going to have to make a name for himself. He saw that getting booked for shows was extremely slim in the late 90's, so he found a niche and started throwing his own shows with rap label mate and best friend Hot Charlie called the infamous "Honey Comb Hideout" an underground party scene that made headlines in the Iowa and Midwest Region. T-Balla launched his Record label, A Real One Records, and began taking his career more seriously by seeing the power of moving a crowd and growing a fan base.

T-Balla began conducting his music career like a business and the "ARO" movement had begun, influenced and inspired by watching the rap group Triple Six Mafia in their underground days in Memphis doing shows and selling music in the streets. "I made that my strategy as well and moved similarly to their tactic. I saw that doing shows and selling you music in the streets was a crucial part at being successful in this game", says T-Balla. He notes that Rapper Spice One was also a major influence in his career.

T-Balla later makes one of his biggest life decisions and leaves the mid-west and came to Dallas, Texas and continued to grow in his music lifestyle recording hot music, performing in different cities, and building his reputation in the game. Now in the South T-Balla continued to produce headline names for shows that he could perform and build his fan base with, such as OJ Da Juiceman, Young Dro, Charlie Boy, Lil Wil, Lil Keke, Webbie, Michael Watts, and Zero to name a few. T-Balla partnered with Corey Cleghorn of Clout Records and the two had a successful run promoting one of Houston’s biggest nightclubs, Club Roxy.

Known for his flashy and unique style, rapper T-Balla previously dropped an album entitled "300 Below" and released a compilation serious with A Real One artists called "Mob Squad Vol 1-3". T-Balla worked with many rap artists including Mr Pookie, Lucci, Big Tuck, Fat B, Pooka Leroy, Hot Rod, Hot Charlie, Lil Wil, Young BLack Gutta Child, and Mr. French. A few of his notable previous singles include, “So Fresh" featuring Juvenile formerly of Cash Money Records, and hit single "Everyday All Day" featuring Tum Tum, which was shot by the infamous Video Director "Mr. Boomtown".
Summer 2013, rapper T-Balla released his "Balla foundation-The Street Exec" Mixtape hosted by international DJ of 2012, Big Steve Gee. T-Balla says, “I did not hold anything back on this one. I take my fans on a musical roller coaster ride covering all aspects of the game". His content includes the whole shebang from the street life, getting money, owning nice things, and dealing with the ups and down of the rap game.

The project features his hot new single entitled "Ball Hard" featuring Ca$h Out and produced by Blacc Teezy of Reddotte Productions. "My manager hooked me up with Ca$h Out and we really vibed. He A Real One. The collaboration was so banging, I had to make "Ball Hard" my single to ride with, says T-Balla. Another notable single on the Mixtape is "Obligated" featuring Mr. French produced by Chemist. Some of the other producers on the Mixtape include Hot Charlie, Sky P, Cage, Rocky on the Beat, and Young Black Gutta Child. Balla foundation could be found online at LiveMixtapes.com.

T-Balla is destined to become and internationally known rap icon and swears to stop at nothing until he reaches the top of the mountain. Some goals in life are doing major collaborations with top artists such as Jay Z, Yo gotti, Gucci mane, Bun B, 8ball & MJG. T-Balla is at the top of his game. He feels that he has paid his dues and is now ready to win major awards, top the billboard charts, and ensure that his A Real One Record label becomes an internationally known powerhouse independent record label that sells millions of records.

When he is not rapping and entertaining, T-Balla enjoys spending time with his family trying to show them the true meaning of love and loyalty. He also enjoys shooting and directing videos and movies, such as "Thugz & "Thugz 2 the Repentance" which he also appeared in. " I am like a 16 wheeler without brakes. People better get out the way, because it’s time for me to let loose", says T-Balla


"Balla Foundation" 2013

"Ball Hard" ft. Cash Out 2013

"She a Stallion" ft. Lil Wil & C-Nile G 2011

"300 Below" 2007

"So Fresh" ft. Juvenile 2007

"Getto McGyver" 2009

"Arson The Album" 1999

"Honeycomb Hideout" ft. Hot Charlie 1999

"G by Day P at Night" w/ G-Related 2001

"Nothin But the Real" 2008

"Loyalty B4 Royalty" 2011

"M.O.B Squad" 2006

"M.O.B Squad II" 2009

"Natural" w/ Hot Charlie 1998

"Project X" w/ Hot Charlie 1997