innovative, enthusiastic, original music. jazz, swing, fusion, experimental. organ trio with guitar and drums with a refreshingly new sound while still holding true to jazz/blues roots. if the band Medeski, Martin, and Wood made more fusion and swing, TBG would sound very similar.


*NOTE: Sonicbids has always us given error messages when we try to upload our mp3s and pictures, no matter what format or computer we use. To listen to our music, go to: http://www.myspace.com/tbgjazz

We are passionate about our instruments and our playing is very emotional; oftentimes freeform on the spot. Our influences range from jazz pioneers such as Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, & Duke Ellington, to the modern innovaters like Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, the Bad Plus, John Medeski, New Iiro Rantala Trio, and others. I have had the privilege of working with my brother-in-law, Jon Schroeder, owning Ergopop Studios and my drum teacher, Gary Sullivan, owning Southtown Studios. It helps knowing people that are already established. We just made a 9 song demo at the TTC Studios. We're looking to play all around downtown. I want this band to be part of the second coming of jazz in the music scene of Tulsa and in the furtherment of music in general.


1 recent EP, distributed guerrila style.

Set List

About 13 originals, some structured, some improvised, usually one long set about an hour and 1/2 that can be condensed to 1/2 hour. Covers we play are old bop standards and ragtime.