The Band Keith

The Band Keith


The Band Keith is a one of a kind band. Mixing rock n roll with bluegrass roots and incorporating all things electronic, audiences are going to hear nothing like they've heard before. The Band Keith is an experience shared by musicians and fans alike. Their happiness is contagious.


The Band Keith has developed a sonic architecture that pushes over the edge of genre into something new. Their influences, ranging from traditional jewish and irish music to neo-classical compositions to funk and trance, coalesce under the spirit of improv.
The music has evolved from its organic roots to embrace electronic gear and all things psychedelic. Their original songs are sometimes simplistic and true and sometimes metrically patterned streams of consciousness that mimic the language of our minds.
Within the past 2 months The Band Keith has supported and shared the stage with national touring acts Pretty Lights and Future Rock to mass crowd appeal.
They have started to build a local following very quickly and are bound to spread enjoyment to all music lovers of any kind.

Set List

Sets are anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. Typically shows are 2 sets with each being about an hour and a half. Our songs are almost always originals. We'll throw a choice cover in once n a while.