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T-Boogz is a versitile MC from South Jersey. He has an electrifying flow and a great delivery.His subject matter is unlimited and his work ethic is second two none. He's 19 years old with the hunger of a rookie and the patients of a veteran.


T-Boogz is a 19 year old rap veteran. Rhyming since the age of 10, this Burlington City,NJ native was first introduced to SleepyEye during a 2002 rap battle. After slaughtering the competition Boogz quickly began to make a name for hiself in his South Jersey hood. In August of 2003 T-Boogz officially signed with SleepyEye Entertainment. Only 16 at the time Boogz proved to be a star in the making and shined on such tracks as Love, Niggas No what We do, and Who I am; on the early SleepyEye mixtapes. Now as a 19 year old vet, Boogz delivers heat like I cry, First Quater, and How we Do in Jersey; all featured on the State of New Jersey VS. SleepyEye Entertainment album. T- Boogz has also been bizzy working on his debut solo album do out winter 2006.


T Boogz current single "How we do it in Jersey" - released 6/06 is currently getting spins on internet and college radio. He is featured on the State of New Jersey vs. SleepyEye Ent. album due out in August. He's also released 2 mixtapes Sleepyeye Ent. vol.1 and March Maddness

Set List

How we do in Jersey
Who I AM
What I gotta do
T Boogz sets can be arranged to fill any time limit from 10 to 30 min. Songs list varies depending on audience.