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My music is pure and refreshing. It's original hiphop inspired by my life's trials and tribulations. I can't be limited to one category of rap, as my style is multi dimensional. I can keep a party jumping, make you laugh, cry or sing along with no problem.


T-Boogz is a 20 year old rhyme spitter from Burlington, NJ. He started rapping in 5th grade with 3 friends( N.U.T The Life, T.Streets, Loco) and formed the group Young Boys (YB). They began doing talent shows, performing at malls and taking promotional trips on there own. “We made basement tapes with tape recorders and started a local buzz", says T- Boogz. The group feel into the street life and there dreams were put on hold while they took care of there legal situations. When Loco went in to due his jail time the three formed T.N.T. That summer they went from studio to studio trying to do their thing. That changed when T-Boogz ran into T-Black during a rap battle. T-Black,who was in the process of forming SleepyEye Entertainment, was amazed by the 16 year olds talent, but was unable to find T-Boogz when the battle was finished. A few weeks later while in a local recording studio T-Black heard a song by T-Boogz and the two were formally introduced. This lead T-Black to signed T-Boogz and his group T.N.T to SleepyEye Entertainment. While recording their debut CD group member N.U.T The Life was sentenced to a lengthy prison term and T-Boogz decided to pursue his solo ambitions.“I recorded a solo track and it was on from there” say's the now 20 year old T-Boogz.


Put ya hands up - (2007)
How We Do In Jersey - (2006)
Eagles anthem - (2006)
SleepyEye Entertainment vol. 1 - (2004)
March Maddness - (2005)
State of New Jersey vs. SleepyEye Entertainment -(2006)
Makin of a Millionaire coming - (2007)
the Eagles Anthem was played on Philadelphia's 100.3 the beat during the football season and playoffs
How We Do In Jersey and Put Ya Hands Up are both being played on internet radio stations and The State of New Jersey vs. SleepyEye Entertainment album can be streamed through rhapsody

Set List

T-Boogz has an extensive song catalog. His sets can range from 5 - 20 minutes. Depending on the crowd makeup and the theme of the event T-Boogz can adjust to handle any situation. Some songs T-Boogz performs include - How we do in Jersey, Right to be King, I Cry, What I gotta Do, and Love.