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The "Go" single.



His life began on the 9th of June, 1987, being officially born as Tiberiu Ticlea. The appellation "T-Boss" derives from a traditional Romanian contraction of the artist's first name, and was the term of endearment used from the very beginning by his family, especially by his father. Being the youngest of his parents' two boys, the pop/latin artist had plenty to learn from his elder brother, in whom he always saw a true role model, considering the 9 year difference between them. Nonetheless, T-Boss received full support from his family in pursuing his musical career.

Unlike most other artists, T-Boss made contact with music relatively late, when he was eleven. It all started by chance, two months after joining in sixth grade his school's choir when, in an evening, he had been seen by his mother climbed on the edge of a bed, randomly strumming a guitar that was left for years on a wardrobe. She asked him if he wanted learning to play the guitar, and so began the artist's quest in discovering music. But, after a two week guitar basics learning, the school's music teacher left, leaving the pop/latin artist with no more certified guidance (the new music teacher was a flute player that wasn't interested in doing more than regular classes). Despite this, T-Boss' passion for music was strong enough to make him continue on his own, being forced to rely on internet courses and tablatures. In a short period of time, his growing abilities gained him the right to organize and lead the local school's choir (in his 7th and 8th grade), having to prepare it for all the shows that would come. At the end of the 8th grade, he went solo for the first time at the gymnasium prom, performing Gary Moore major songs like Still Got The Blues and Parisienne Walkways (live voice and lead guitar), using self made backing tracks in a pc midi sequencer.

Soon after entering high-school he met Freddy, the person whom he will set up his first band: Tibi & Freddy (first term spelled T.B. - another common contraction of the artist's first name). T-Boss was the lead vocal and guitar player, and Freddy was the keyboard player. After joining the local artistic club, T-Boss quickly became its most important member, performing with Freddy at almost every show in town. From international to national music, covering almost every style (traditional, dance, arabic, pop, rock, R&B, blues), his warm presence has always been felt and greeted by the audience. Later on, when the artist went in 10th grade, the music teacher from the club, Philly, joined the band as sound engineer and backing vocalist. The band, turned to 4 members in the artist's 11th grade, performed live at a couple of weddings, full-time, from 3 PM to 7 AM. Overall, the band received numerous local, regional and national awards.

After moving to Bucharest in order to follow Law School, the band ceased to exist. However, this was the moment when T-Boss started writing his own songs, with some help from his former band colleague, Philly. They wrote together five R&B songs, one of them reaching the broadjam.com R&B Contemporary top 10 on the 7th position. Despite this, the collaboration between them ended by the end of the second year of Law School, due to objective reasons. Considering the artist's native potential in Latin music (Romania is a country mainly of Latin origin), he decided on changing his music style to pop/latin, with essential help from his girlfriend, Cristina, as co-writer.

In spite of the pop/latin artist's passion for music, the time dedicated to his creative activity was significantly diminished by the important role he assigned to education. But all these efforts had finality: the artist earned a Law Degree from the Sorbonne University of Paris in 2008.

Some of the influences in his music are: Ricky Martin, Kat DeLuna, Santana, Luis Miguel, Boyz II Men, Nelly, Chris Brown, and others.