Houston, Texas, USA
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TBR Music Group

Chain$moke is a two-man hip hop duo made up of Kelly Indica and Mikey O.D., two of Houston's finest ganja enthusiasts. Their works, laden with dark undertones, emits an out-of-mind and in-the-zone surrealism.

Solo artist Spayc3 takes an energized approach to his music, incorporating 808s and heavy bass to produce an amplified experience for his listeners. His charismatic vocals and lyrical change-ups awaken a contagious verve within his listeners.


-        http://tbrmusic.com/


  • Spayc3 - Planet X (2015)
  • Chain$moke - Chain$moke (2015)
  • TBR Music Group - Contact High EP (2015)
  • Chain$moke and Spayc3 - October Overload (2016)