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The best kept secret in music


"There is a beautiful vulnerability and strong melody and harmonies"

The phrasing of this music is far ahead of most artists, whether sung in American or in Swedish. And TC can't be pinned down. There is a freedom in bringing out what is on the edge. - CD Baby Online music store

"Lyrically Deep, Well Crafted Melodies and Real Musicianship"

"And I can only breath at 10,000 feet..." After listening just once, I feel the same way. While musically excellent, each song also conveys meaning and emotion that has the power to send the listener on their own little journey. I highly recommend this album.

- CD Baby online music store

"Folk music with pop leanings, sometimes simple and often wistful."

September 03, 2005 @ 07:46:43

This is an artist I can see in an intimate club, the lights low, her sweet songs entertaining couples holding hands. You can hear her classical training through the melodic piano and her light soprano, always clear and on pitch. This is folk music with pop leanings, sometimes simple and often wistful.
5 of the songs are in Swedish and honestly, they’re my favorites .
“Stora Ogon” is beautifully arranged with piano, cello and gorgeous vocal harmonies. The same is true for “Doften Utav Dig.” “Sa Calobra” begins with some ominous minor-sounding chords but drifts into a delicate piano, a bed for TC’s pretty vocals.
The songs in English are like abstract pastel paintings. I’m not always sure what they’re about, but they’re full of subtle emotion. The title track aches with longing, while “Cold Heart” takes a more melancholy track. - By Jamie Anderson ,

"Norah Jones Sounding Songstress"

If you’ve been desperately seeking a Norah Jones-sounding songstress who plays out of San Francisco and who croons in both English and Swedish while playing some piano, there’s a good chance TC is the artist for you.

Yes, TC could be labeled a specialty act, whose Swedish vocals aren’t quite as commercially viable here in the US of A as, say, a Spanish rendition of Shakira’s or Bocelli’s Italian masterpieces. But TC’s voice and the smooth harmonies of her debut album Scent of You speak easily to Bay Area audiences that are sure to continue growing.

The eight tracks recorded in English vary in composition. The opening track “December Sky” features a guitar, drums, acoustic bass, organ and accordion. But “Cold Heart” is only TC’s coupling of voice and ivory striking, with some cello thrown in for flavor. Despite the differences in instrumental arrangement, the lyrics are all light and fresh, poetic in many parts. Well, in the English songs at least. I can’t speak for the five tracks in Swedish my ignorance prohibits my understanding of—although her voice sounds just as lovely, if not more so, in a tongue foreign to these ears.

“On the Summit” is a very beautiful song, with lyrics that stick to your eardrums like a super-glued Q-Tip: “And I can only breathe at ten thousand feet/ Hoping to find you in a seat next to me/ Oh, I know. We’re joined where the mountains freeze/ Am I dreaming, Elouise.”

- The

"Gorgeous voice....beautiful, well-crafted and elegant melodies with superb lyric lines."

TC sings with a gorgeous voice over very strong melodies and delivers lyrics with powerful, evocative hooks.
Some beautiful melodies with a light jazz/pop feel, very well-crafted and elegant.



Scent of You, released November 2004, produced by Ben Yonas.

Implied Five alternative rock band, released February 2004, produced by Mike Brayton.


Feeling a bit camera shy


2006 has been a busy year for singer/songwriter TC. Whether playing showcases, traveling to and fro to promote her album, or working on material for her next recording, TC really has had little time to reflect on her journey as a Swedish musician living in America.
However, it is that journey that has become TC’s muse, the choice of leaving her homeland permanently and the excitement and complexity of beginning a life elsewhere.

TC began her classical training in voice and piano in Sweden, and when arriving in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1995 she quickly put it to work, moving into the local music scene as a rock musician, keyboardist, jazz singer and Swedish folk music artist.
In 1998 she met the band members of what came to be Implied Five, and she became their lead singer and bass player for the next six years. In 2000 she joined another Bay Area band, the Karmadogs as a vocalist, and added many covers under her belt.
While sharpening her musical skills in several genres, TC also wrote her own material.

Songwriting was and is front and center in TC’s life and music career. As a young composer and lyricist in Sweden TC showed early signs of great musicianship and maturity, and she kept on writing and developing a unique style based on her skills as a classical pianist. Unsure, however, of where to take her often deep and wistful songs, her focus remained on singing covers and writing and producing songs with her bands.

In 2004 TC, already established in the local music scene as lead singer of Implied Five, decided to focus on her solo career. She met with Ben Yonas, the producer behind such rising stars as Spencer Day and King Street, and Ben immediately picked up on the unique appeal of TC’s voice and music. The end result, TC’s debut album "Scent of You" is a collection of Swedish-American folk/pop, eight songs sung in English and five in Swedish, with an immediate appeal to audiences on both continents. The songs vary in arrangement, from a full band with drums and guitar to tracks with only a brooding cello or gentle accordion backing up TC’s voice and piano.

"Scent of You" has been hailed with positive reviews and critics agree on the unique beauty of TC’s voice. Her songs are called timeless and elegant with powerful lyrics and brilliant hooks. Some like to call her a Scandinavian Norah Jones, although they realize that TC is more of a specialty act. She introduces to the audience not only the Swedish language, but also the thoughts and feelings of an artist in transit.

TC is spending the fall of 2006 in the studio recording tracks for a follow up to her debut album. She can still be seen and heard on various local and regional stages and ever the traveler, TC plans to make a few stops on the East Coast this winter.

Asked about her songwriting and how it relates to her life in the US, TC admits:
"It is true that my music often reflects life’s challenges. That's what I like to bring out, not because that's all there is, but because I find it interesting. Conflicts and unsettling choices are daily chores for all of us. And I think Swedes are particularly good at bringing out melancholy and difficulty. In all that, there is beauty."