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"sponsored by retro*sex*galaxy review"

It seems that virtually ever other record in recent months harks back to 80s styles and strategies, but in such painfully literal rather than lateral ways that one's interest is seldom engaged. Skinny ties and choppy guitars, stodgy drum machines and comically rigid sequencer patterns, histrionically bellowed vocals intoning meaninglessly arch lyrics - never has the 'so bad it's good' maxim/excuse come down quite so heavily on the first two words.
Perhaps it's simply that irony is the last refuge of the programmer who can't be bothered to get to grips with modern software. Whatever, we're one step away from an electroclash version of "The Birdie Song", mark my words. Enter The Complainer, a grumpy old electro-grouch who's here to show the sneery kitschophiliacs with their 100 quid mullets how retro should be done. Firstly, this Complainer (Wojt3k Kucharczyk, founder of Polish label Mik.Musik, which is also home to the great 8Rolek) is in his mid-thirties, and so can justifiably claim to be in possesion of the necessary insight into the 80s zeitgeist. Secondly, his Polish upbringing allows him a certain detachment, enabling him to filter the essence of the times through his individual sensibilities instead of simply aping the moves of another age. Thirdly, he loves the music enough to put it to work in new ways rather than patronising it by simple quotation or imitation.
What Kucharczyk does is part covering, part sampling, part bootleg-mixing, part plunderphonics. However, the gritty immediate results of his metodology - niftily dubbed "Quotadelia" on one track - make for top entertainment. Still, there's a darker side to the album than that might suggest. It's almost as if the glitzy but detached echoes of music most commonly associated with empty, rampant hedonism have been transformed into signifiers of personal torment and political uncertainty. The key track, "Be My Boney M Of Love", a grey, haunted dirge ("Babylon is the place/Far away") evokes loss and dislocation with quite some power.
(Keith Moline) - The Wire / UK

"sponsored by retro*sex*galaxy review"

Wojtek Kucharczyk kokettiert mit der 1980er-Jahre-Retro-Bewegung, ohne ihr dabei auf den Leim zu gehen.
Die aktuelle CD von Wojtek Kucharczyk
Im Eröffnungsstück "Photonew“ legt Wojtek Kucharczyk die programmatische Richtung der Musik auf seinem neuen Album gleich fest: "This is not a Cover“, stellt Kucharczyk im ersten Stück klar. Aber es wäre natürlich nicht Kucharczyk, würde er diesen Satz nicht ein wenig später in der ihm eigenen wortspielerischen Doppelbödigkeit auch gleich wieder wenden. "Please don’t trash me, cover me“ heißt es in Stück Nummer 14.
Persönliche Reflexion
Kucharczyks neues Album ist eine ganz persönliche Reflexion der eigenen musikalischen Sozialisierung, wie schließlich auch der Bonus-Track "Ja walcze walca“ beweist. Ein Stück, entstanden und aufgenommen im Zuge einer Live-Performance im Jahre 1987. Bereits damals verstand es Kucharczyk mit unbestechlichem, trockenem, dadaistischem Humor die Hörgewohnheiten seines Publikums zu irritieren.

Im Nachhall der Echos
Kucharczyks frecher, unmittelbarer Umgang mit der Musik der 80er Jahren, garantiert "Top Entertainment“, schreibt Keith Moline im englischen Musikmagazin "Wire". Das Album hat aber auch eine dunklere Seite, so Moline. Es sei beinahe so, als ob diese glitzernden, aber losgelösten Echos einer Musik, die üblicherweise an sinnentleerten, zügellosen Hedonismus denken lässt, tatsächlich von persönlicher Pein und politischer Unsicherheit künden. In wie weit diese schöne Interpretation auch tatsächlich zutrifft, darüber lässt sich nur spekulieren.
Gefühl der Verlorenheit
Etwas Wahres mag aber wohl dran sein. Darauf scheint auch das Pseudonym "The Complainer“ zu verweisen, das Kucharczyk für sein neues CD-Projekt ersonnen hat. Das letzte Stück auf der CD mit dem Titel "Be my Boney M of Love“ wirkt jedenfalls tatsächlich ein bisschen wie ein Trauerlied und ein diffuses Gefühl der Verlorenheit; ergreift langsam, aber mit bestimmter Kraft den Raum.
Text: Susanna Niedermayr - ORF / AT

""... & The Complainers" reviews-set"

"This is the masterpiece, which couldn't be disgrace for likes as Talking Heads. It is hard to believe, that this is work by one polish Wojtek Kucharczyk living in tiny Skoczów. Outstanding." (DZIENNIK/KULTURA) 6/6

"There was no such original and moving album in the history of polish electronic music! And in our country there is no other such experienced and ingenious artist as Wojtek Kucharczyk." (PRZEKRÓJ) 5/6

"Kucharczyk is not showing his fascination with Prince, David Byrne, Jamie Lidell or Caetano Veloso any more. He exactly just released album, which can stand next to the best work of these artists.". (CANTI ILLUMINATI/SITKA RADIO)

"...splendid album and to write about inspirations of it's author would be a sin. This is the unique specimen, could stand in one row with «Multiply», « My Life in the Bush of Ghosts», «Sung Tongs» or «Mirrored». Awesome!." (INDEPENDENT.PL)

"In the whole meaning of this word - this time it is music. As usual spontaneousness and the sense of humor are dominating. But also melody is not bad here. ...this is album about variety of the world." (AKTIVIST)

"Revelation!" (GERY.PL) 5,5/6

"Em «The Complainer & The Complainers» encontramos doses abastadas de gozo auditivo e estimulação intelectual, de uma nação musical praticamente desconhecida entre nós, mas que pela amostra recente apresenta um naipe de propostas capazes de mudar a nossa perspectiva sobre o curso actual do desenvolvimento da música produzida à margem da intenção lucrativa. Apenas para ouvintes exigentes!" (DOMINIO DOS DEUSES)

"Kucharczyk lebt im südlichen Polen, im kleinen Ort Skoczow nahe von Katowice und dort, ergänzt er, gäbe es natürlich schon gar keine Immigrantinnen und Immigranten. Wenn er also jemanden etwa aus Taiwan, Peru oder Argentinien treffen wollte, dann müsse er hinaus in die große, weite Welt ziehen, oder eben hinab tauchen in die Tiefen des Internet." (ORF/ZEITTON) - various / international


"THE Record for many long years!" ***** MACHINA
"Differently catching" **** ONET
"Delicious listening" GAZETA WYBORCZA
"World level" DZIENNIK
"This is brave" PRZEKRÓJ
"As exactly as good pop should be" ARTPAPIER
"Best polish answer to disco-punk" PLAYBOY
"Impossible is to not like them" UWOLNIJMUZYKE
"Just massacre!" WEAREFROMPOLAND
"The Complainer - polish Sgt. Pepper" POLITYKA

"TC&TCS can guarantee the best music show in our country." UWOLNIJMUZYKE.PL - various


"sponsored by retro*sex*galaxy" (CD, mik.musik.!. 2005);

"Minus Bravo" (live mp3 album, mik.musik.!. 2006);

"Mastered at The Dusk" (mp3 EP, mik.musik.!. 2007);

"... & The Complainers" (CD, mik.musik.!. 2007);

"Power Joy Happiness Fame!" (CD/LP, Mystic Prod./Ars Cameralis 2008);

"The Dark Side Of The F****** Moon" (mp3 EP, self-released, 2009);



The Complainer and The Complainers (aka TC&TCS) is the global-reaching indie pop project of Wojciech Kucharczyk, who started the festivities in 2005 as a solo follow-up to his successful stint (1994-2008) as czar of legendary Polish indie label mik.musik.!. Evolving into a full-force band by 2007, TC&TCS consists of a shuffling lineup of a mostly youthful cast of characters, each with a set of special skills (both musical and non-musical), along with some international guests and friends from previous projects. The overall effect is like a superhero cartoon show with each member bringing his or her special talents to form a creative juggernaut. TC&TCS shows are all-out energetic affairs, combining acoustic and electronic, common and exotic instrumentation to create a sometimes quirky, sometimes muscular, and strangely catchy amalgamation of sounds, stories, visuals, and motion.

Before becoming the chief Complainer, Wojciech was involved in other successful and interesting projects and bands since the late 1980s- Molr Drammaz, retro*sex*galaxy, Go Underground To See More Animals, TerriTerrorTorium (duo with Felix Kubin), Pathman, HWDJazz to name a few.

TC&TCS albums are available worldwide through iTunes, Amazon, and also from various smaller, independent resellers. The group has also released special MP3-only special recordings.

Touring History
The Complainer (with and without The Complainers) has participated in international festivals such as: I.D.E.A.L/Nantes, Progress/Ljublijana, Nuits Sonores/Lyon, Garage/Stralsund, Eurocultured/Manchester, Off Festival/Myslowice, New! New!/Brno, Pulse/London, Skif/St. Petersburg, C.sides/Tel Aviv, Transvizualia/Gdynia, Unsound/Krakow, Ars Cameralis/Katowice, Nowa Muzyka/Cieszyn and many gigs in nice places such as Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Wien, Bratislava, Minsk or Moscow and numerous smaller ones. In 2009 alone, more than 50 concerts were on the itinerary.