TC and the moonshine band

TC and the moonshine band


Eclectic -americana funk blues rock. We like to have fun and play to the crowd. The crowd's enjoyment is of paramount importantance. Music to sing and dance to. We can jam. Can play to just about any crowd.


Fun music. We are currently promoting the just released Subliminal Underwater Messages. "TC" describes his music as eclectic americana. Well written pop hip hop folk and hard edged bluesy rock. Something like g love and special sauce if you take out the glove and throw in all the spices of upstate New York.


Tree People

Written By: Thomas D. Chamberlain

The tree gets taller
the boy gets stronger
the girls get smarter
life gets harder
the roots gets deeper
feet touch more ground
wine grows on the vine
I think its time
There was a boy(woman, girl, Man)
who thought the trees held up the sky
the older he gets the more he realizis
its the tree that holds up the sky
the tree that hold up the sky
the tree that hold up the sky
branches reach wider
they give more shade
hands touch more
they feel more pain
bark gets thicker
skin more callous
wrinkled with age
harder to turn the page
heart get broken
passion pumps the blood
sap runs out a broken branch
heart feels more love
eyes see more good and bad
the gray things in-between
storm rips the branch
lets the light shine through
head gets wiser
mistakes get smaller
fruit falls to the ground
children let go
the water flows
cleans the skin
the bark drinks it in
and starts all over again


currently promoting the just released

S.U.M. Subliminal Underwater Messages
solo -Thomas D. Chamberlain 2006

Ned Pepper-2000
Wooden Nickle was our wellplayed single

Salt of the Earth-1997

Mojo Heroes-guest appearance-playing harmonica on the funk driven "gilded cage"

Set List

We have over four hours of covers and original music. We play covers and sprinkle in the originals. We can play a whole show of original tunes if called for...
For example:
List of cover songs (songs are constantly added)
Volcano Shanty
nobody knows you The joker
for what its worth paint it black
friend of the devil dead flowers
rocky raccoon good riddance
me and my uncle one way out
Norwegian wood the weight
Deep Elem Blues me and Julio
suzy q Pride n joy
Heartbreaker(doo doo)Sweet home alabama
you can’t always get what you want / Stormy Monday blues quinn the Eskimo
knockn on heavens door yer so bad
Honey please don’t go horse with no name
over the hills far away into the mystic
and it stoned me no rain
brown eyed girl Jackie Wilson said caravan
wildnight pinkhouses
mustang sally whipping post
hang in around monkey and the engineer
margaritaville that’s all right mama
feelin alright good lovin
goin down the road feelin bad Sim