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"KVBA Newsletter"

TC & the Roadmasters Head to Memphis
by Dennis Massingill

The KVBA held its 9th Annual Blues Challenge on Sunday, September 16th, '07 at the Silver Bullet Bar and this continues to be one of the highlights of the year for blues lovers. Six bands were entered this year to perform in front of five judges and a packed house. As usual, the scoring criteria was identical to that used by the Blues Foundation in Memphis for the International Blues Competition.

This year’s judges included Turk from Wonderful’s; Tim Jacobs, a guitar player from the Plainwell area; Alex Cale from WFAT radio; Chris Janowiak of the Western Michigan music department; and Ray White a former guitarist in the Frank Zappa band and now touring with his son. The judges complained as that afternoon went on that the bands were too good to make clear distinctions between them. But they did their best.

In the end, TC & The Roadmasters prevailed by the closest of scoring margins. There was, in fact, a three-way tie for second! Out of Favor Boys, The Chris Canas Band, and The Marci Linn band were right there behind TC. There is a tiebreaking formula provided by the Blues Foundation for just such an occurrence. (As announced, if the winning band can’t make the trip to Memphis then the runner-up can go.) Although some were disappointed that their favorite band didn’t win, all agreed that it was a great afternoon of music. The crowd also got to hear a band of young bluesmen called Artios that promise to be up and comers in our area.

TC is actually TC DeLisle who owns and operates the BLUEStage Club, a blues venue south of Jackson. TC has been to Memphis before as a member of the WhooDoo band which actually made it to the finals. His new band will attempt to duplicate that feat in this year’s competition which will be held January 31st – February 2nd, '08. The KVBA would like to thank our judges, Dan and Julie of the Silver Bullet Bar, and all those that came out to support live blues music. - KVBA


Restarting the Roadmasters after a 2 year hiatus as a sideman, TC started auditioning various players searching for a viable combo in mid '06.
Several groups of players emerged and did some gigging under various project names before a bright spot occurred in Aug of 07. The group, then consisting of TC, Marty King, bassist Shep and guitarist Crupi hit a sweet spot and reinstated the Roadmaster logo. An unexpected win at the KVBA Blues Challenge led to some scrambling since Shep & Crupi had prohibitive life committments and couldn't go. A fortunate turn of events landed former bandmate, harp wielding Hurricane Rose back in TC's yard and current bassist Chuck Rule was eager & available. Rounding out the unit, Crupi sent his top student Tony Riske to audition and BAM! in just 10 weeks this combo was in Memphis at the IBC. They didn't win their venue or make the finals but it was a hell of a trip. Tony Riske has rotated out and started his college education and Hurricane Rose has opted out to pursue other interests. Guitarist Jim Morris has stepped in and rounded out the current 4 pc lineup.
Catch the current act at a venue near you. See ya at the gig! - self


TC & the Roadmasters "Under Cover Blues" 1999
Current originals are in the recording studio at this time. No release date has been set.



“TC & the Roadmasters”

TC DeLisle - vocals, guitar, keys
The Slideman drives his band like a man possessed. Leading the Roadmasters through their shows while switch hitting on guitar and keys, the old man shouts out the colorful stories.

Marty King - drums & vocals
Boulevard Mard, sets out the groove that drives the juggernaut across the musical landscape.

Chuck Rule - bass & vocals
Locking on the groove like a pair of Vise-Grips on a rusty bolt, this man plays the money notes that puts them happy feet on the dance floor.

Jim Morris - guitar & vocals
Veteran axe man, teacher of the instrument and the band's musical arranger, Jim brings a variety of skills to the performance table.

This is a group of musicians who aren’t descendants of famous players or lived the blues life that so much hype is slung about. They are a group of talented performers who have found that magic combo of ingredients necessary to make real good music together. Like a recipe that has just the right amount of spices to turn an ordinary plate of food into a dish that appeals to a broad cross section of hungry but discerning diners, the band has found that chemistry that produces a good time for all involved. Rhythmically, the band lays down a nice fat groove, with a deep pocket providing the lead vocal or instrument a solid platform to deliver from. Moving smoothly from traditional Blues shuffles & swings to driving urban blues, they strive to entertain, not just play the song. Good interaction with the crowd is what bridges the gap from a diversion to a focal point of looking and listening pleasure.

Their original material tells tales of life ranging from tongue in cheek humor to remorse for past behaviors.