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Salinas, California, United States

Salinas, California, United States
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"T.Cash Interview"

T. Cash is ready to take his brand to the next level. - Ozone Magazine

"T Cash – Playin No Games"

Welcome to Dallas, Texas. It’s a city filled with Cowboys, Mustangs, and Mavericks along with billionaire playboys. A place where doing it big is not a frivolous statement; it’s a way of life. Welcome to the world of T Cash, where he shows that it is okay to have fun in The Big D, but when it comes to the business of his music, he don’t play.
T Cash is the flagship artist from Swagg House Muzik and the Certified Muzic Group. Such as it is with many artists, he is proud of his second home which he describes as, “Triple D, Dirty Dirty Dallas.” A banner, he carries proudly. - Keith “1st Prophet” Kennedy

"VirDiKo Music Distribution"

I will be spinnin this cut on my Radio shows on NYC's / NJ's Mix1620 AM www.Mix1620.com & on www.The6FM.com & on www.DJSwayd.co - DJ Swayd from Atlanta, GA

"VirDiKo Music Distribution"



Club Anthem!!!! - DJ DOITALL from Atlanta/GA


I love it. Gots a good hook for the dance floor. - Dj Spicyice Ice from Las Vegas

"VirDiKo Music Distribution"

Now this shit right here is fire, and hell yeah it will get plenty of play from. I am intrested in putting together a promotional tour show as well as I need a custom mixshow drop so get at me.. - DJ O.C. from Detroit, Michigan:


I Don’t Play 2011:

• Where dem hatas at ft. Big Chief
• Superbowl
• Anonther level
• I dont play
• Welcome 2 da swagghouse
• On it ft. Lil tony, Anonymous
• Welcome 2 da D
• Sex so good- Big Lac ft. T.Cash
• Spread ya legs
• Watch what i do next
• Thats my bitch ft. Deonte'
• I dont play rmx ft. Paul wall, Pooca Leroy
• Last night
• Work it Classik ft. T.Cash
• Hair & Nails
• Life
• Suicide Doors ft. Vell, Anonymous
• Fucked up
• Fat mack
• Handlin thangs ft. Jewelz

Get 2 da real:

• Solo Johnson
• Aye mane ft. Doughski G
• Strapped up ft. M.D.
• Flippin thru da city ft.Doughski G
• Game Derrty ft. Gator Mane
• Work a trap
• Im bout my money
• Im wussup
• Spread ya legs
• Woke up
• Hey mama
• I be
• My plug
• Grew up ft. Mr. Lucci
• Got swagg
• Peep'n me ft. Vell, M.J.
• Gucci fresh
• Let me find out
• Thats me
• Its a shame



Born with a tenacious desire to survive and persist, T.Cash entered this world in the toughest projects in St. Louis Mo. There he developed and learned to overcome the many challenges he faced as a young black kid being raised on his own.

After running wild and forced to adapt to his environment full of drugs, hunger and street hustling; T.Cash was sent to live in Dallas, Tx when he was only 13 years old. He came equipped with streets skills and survival tack which introduced him to some of the roughest projects in North Dallas, where he was embraced and perfected his street hustle which inspires his musical sound.

T.Cash began rapping and free-styling in the streets, at home and everywhere with lyrics occupying his thoughts all day and night! He organized a rap group called, L.O.B., where they rapped and hung out at a local barber shop. Later on, T.Cash put out 3 mix-tapes before introducing his first project...

He hit his fans with his freshman project; "First Quarter," then came, "Music & Money," and the third release was "L.O.B." which stood for "Look Out Bitch!"

His first album, "Get to da Real," did exceptionally well in the local mom-and-pop stores in Dallas. Now with T.Cash's musical brand sweeping through the Region and gathering speed across radio stations across the globe, T.Cashs record sales are soaring!

His popular strip club anthem, "Spread Your Legs" is gaining attention around the world, playing in heavy rotation across the region and steadily gaining momentum throughout the states! T.Cash continues to prune his craft in the studio and in front of crowds around the states!

He is prepared and ready to meet the rest of his fans around the world and introduce his sound to audiences bumping and swaggin' out!

Along with two songs in rotation on the Regions top urban stations; T.Cash's music continues to soar across the world-wide web; internet radio, blogs and music distribution and sharing site.

T.Cash is picking up a steady upward trend of fans from various social classes and ethnicities. His 2nd radio hitter, "I Dont Play," is also setting the standard for Dallas' Hip Hop music; pushing 'swag music' outside of the region into markets across the world!

I dropped, Spread Your Legs produced by The Beat Monkeys and it has taken off. Its been a hit in Dallas for a year, but now its spread to Oklahoma, North Carolina, Memphis, Jackson, Denver, New Mexico, Austin, and more!

When asked why his record has expanded past the vast Texas borders while many of his compatriots dont, T.Cash answered shout out to my grind! Some artists get comfortable in the city they are in and dont understand that hip-hop is worldwide. Once you get a hit, you gotta go out to these regions and spread it around.

When asked, by Ozone Magazine, where does his passion to make good music come from? T.Cash explains, its all about my five kids. Im working hard so they are good financially and dont have to go through the things I did growing up.

What does that include, one wonders? T.Cash goes on, I have a mother and two brothers in jail including one on a murder charge. Plus, I grew up in strict poverty in St. Louis before I moved to Dallas at 13. I was that one with no haircut and dirty clothes barely eating. Thats what motivates me; Im like the prodigal son or a diamond in the rough now being polished. Im working so when everyone gets home, its going to be a different look.

Its no wonder with a story such as that why T.Cash has no time for games. I have a clothing line, movie, book, DVD, and album on the way. Plus, my new video for my next single, I Dont Play is about to drop. For me, its about longevity. He adds, and as long as I have God first and grind second, everything will work itself out.

T.Cash credits, Michael Jackson as his musical influence, throughout his life.

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