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The Todd Cecil Band @ Flat Rock Wine Shop

Flat Rock, North Carolina, USA

Flat Rock, North Carolina, USA

The Todd Cecil Band @ Bogart's

Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Columbia, South Carolina, USA

The Todd Cecil Band @ Brown's



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"In the world of me-too-copycats and also-rans, there is the rare and occasional appearance of originality. Such is the case with these rare gems of poetry and authentic guitar by Todd Cecil. His music is the product of a soul turned loose and a hard-earned gift fully expressed. "Rare and original" is what makes the sounds of this muse so sweet, for here is a real songman, cause sufficient for us all to remember our own hearts song. Todd Cecil makes strings cry, hearts swell and minds reach for more. No one should miss his music." - Rocque Montagne

"A great new comer, and none to soon. ....illustrates the ingredients for something great " - Blithe Wilson

This cd is captivating...... If you enjoy acoustic, electric folk music from musicians, who understand their instruments then pick it up and you won't be disappointed. - Trei Hobbs

There seems to be a unique artist budding amongst the country music backdrop of Nashville. 'Sweet Cynthia and the Nashville Music Co.', the second CD from this artist, is a blend of music styles, slide guitar and soothing raspy vocals.
Digging a little deeper in the lyrics will prove to be a fruitful endeavor for the poetic minded.
...very promising, one not to be missed, and we look forward to hearing more. - Jason Smith

"Todd Cecil’s “Sweet Cynthia and the Nashville Music Co.” is the North Carolina boy’s contribution to the country music scene, and he does it with a twist all his own" - Sari N. Kent

The first thing you'll notice after Todd's latest release 'Sweet Cynthia' and the Nashville Music Co. starts to play is that this isn't your everyday cookie cutter type music. Todd's music is a blend of everything from folk, bluegrass, and rock to the blues.

Todd's uses unique guitar tuning and guitar techniques to achieve that sound. Todd refers to his style of playing, "as slide 'collage' guitar."

While the music grabs your attention it's the song lyrics that keeps it. Todd is a published poet and treats his lyrics like 'song poems'. Todd's philosophy on his songwriting is that he works to write, "stand alone lines worthy of a wall."

If you had to pick other artist to compare him to names like, John Prine, Bob Dylan, and Ben Harper come to mind. On several of the songs I could really hear the Dylan vocal sound.

I really liked the mixture of instrumentation found on 'Sweet Cynthia' and the Nashville Music Co. Todd's guitar playing is stellar along with his banjo, mandolin, bass, and harmonica work.

You'll also find a lot of nice percussion work in the songs. You'll even find an instrument credit listed in the CD's booklet for a coffee can.

For those of you like myself who enjoy some 'hill music' the song, "J-boy Coin & the Whisky Horn" will have you foot stomping and hand clapping to it's beat.

You also find Todd's version of the Memphis Mini and Led Zeppelin song, "When the Levee Breaks."

On the last track titled, "Weep" Todd's harmonica playing really brings the song to life. With it's slightly rock beats it has a sound very reminiscent of the band Blues Traveler.

This release has a spiritual undertone that runs through it that I'll let you interpret for yourself after hearing the songs.

The more I listened to this release the more I liked it. Each time my ears picked out new little nuances and beats that peaked my ears up.

Do yourself a favor and get 'Sweet Cynthia' and the Nashville Music Co. Your ears will thank you! - C.W. Ross

When I was in high school, I did the US Census to earn a little extra dough. One summer evening on the front porch of a rundown wooden shack on a rundown street on the run down side of town (with all my official survey forms in hand), I felt the the whole place shaking-- not vibrating but shaking-- from the foot stompin', hand clappin', good times singin' and shoutin' goin' on inside.
At the cozy Red Tub in West Columbia, SC, Mr. Todd Cecil and his fingerpicking slide guitar did some very fine shack shakin' of his own. Todd's slide pickin' guitar had the entire audience and staff loosing the nails and screws in the Tub's upstairs wooden floors, hallways, and skylight. With original songs, instrumentals, and a wonderful cover of Neil Young's "Helpless," Todd didn't serve up some all- too-predictable Delta corn syrup; he laid down a great big dollop of hardcore, sliding Piedmont picking blues that had the whole Tub a rockin.' We're talking real cane blackstrap here. Cause I love both these blues styles, Todd certainly loosened my floor joists, since he delivers both of these great traditions at the same time!

So if you want some of that foot stompin,' hand clappin,' front porch shakin," good times music, drop every thing and check out Todd Cecil. He'll rattle you in all the right places. - Bert Pittman

A newer and different sound in Nashville, Todd Cecil Band and players bring their original music to Cafe 123 - great guitar sounds, eastern percussion and lyrical poetry to boot. - Paul Stirins - Station Wide Close

...powerhouse slide guitar playing with story-teller songs............
put bob dylan and leo kotke in the ring - you might get the blues - but you just might get The Todd Cecil Band - Lori Line - Gutter Beat - Nashville


***1- "Collecting the South in Amy"
2005 Released (Ear Ring Records Nashville)

***2- "Sweet Cynthia and the Nashville Music Co."
2007 Released (Ear Ring Records Nashville)



The Todd Cecil Band is a distinctively southern sound. Driven by Acoustic slide guitar and a solid hard driving rhythm section, the band has an identity all it's own. The sound is like Led Zeppelin with Ben Harper, if Zeppelin and Harper had come out of the south.

The band itself was a fusion of a couple acts. Todd is a slide guitarist and songwriter out of Nashville TN, while Sam Sara was the band nucleus that formed in the metropolitan city of Columbia SC. After stealing drummer Matt Fenech from Cincinnati’s own radio staple band "Mill", and gathering Todd Cecil from the streets of Nashville, the band was formed.

What followed was the magic of musical chemistry. Many gigs, songs and recorded sessions later have brought the band to a tight formed machine, producing their third cd project at the world famous Ocean Way Recording Studios in Nashville….CD coming soon!!

Distinctly Southern, Intently Light Hearted BUT Hardly Light.


ABOUT THE PLAYERS---------------------------------------

**Jackson Wools ** Percussion, And other beatable things- constantly trying to convince everyone that the origins of his family began in the rhythmic jungles of South America and not in the wide open empty spaces of Missouri

**Aaron Palmer ** Bass – Whose jealous girlfriend tie dye painted the tires of his car to track him, he liked the idea because now everywhere he goes the world is just a little bit more colorful.

** Matt Fenech ** Drums – Busy remodeling his house with his drum sticks, battering the walls to resemble the surface of a dented steel drum, and working on the copyright of a drum head made of sheetrock.

** Todd Cecil ** Vocals Guitar – Works at perfecting the art of weaving broken guitar strings into the spokes of his wheelchair, claiming it gives his guitar better tone and longer sustain.

CHECK THEM OUT ON---------------------------------------
** You tube ( search on Todd Cecil or Todd Cecil Band )

** Myspace, ( )

** The infamous BLOG ( - good indication of the good time shows)

** Or visit the site itself