T. C. Crosser

T. C. Crosser


Heralded by the LA Times as a new fusion of what they coined “emo-punk jazz,” T. C. Crosser and his orchestra has played across the United States and abroad with an eclectic mix of Rhodes Keyboard with distortion pedal and an impressive roster of award-winning classical and jazz composers.


Praised by audiences and critics alike for his signature improvisatory composition style fusing French Jazz, Emo-Punk and his classical symphonic training T. C. Crosser has premiered his compositions in Norway, Vietnam, San Francisco, San Diego, Charleston and New Orleans. It was in New Orleans where, after freelancing as a jazz pianist and arranger for a year, he earned the moniker "Little Man T."

T. C. Crosser studied piano performance and composition under the mentorship of Rachel Everist (Northwestern University) and Gloria Sherwood (University of Iowa). Upon completion of his studies he traversed the globe honing his craft and adding to the richness of many cultures to his repertoire.

As an active collaborator in performance art, T. C. Crosser has composed, written and produced several modern dance movements and theatrical pieces including Lesie Seiters' "Hypothetically She Would Be Called", "Pop!", "Don't Quit Your Day Job" and "Disregarding Sean". In this medium, he has been honored to work with award winning directors and artists such as Scott Myers, Tim Irving, Michael Schwartz, Michael Anthony, Steve Austin, Leslie Seiters, Brian Doom, Andy Mingus, Steven Gatlin, Collin Monda, and the Danny Nguyen Dance.

Highly sought after in media and film composition, T. C. Crosser has also lent his talents to such film and art installation projects as "Beauty 24", "The Artist" "Untitled: 305" and "Steve Gatlin: A Retrospective". Recently, Little Man T has produced two albums of his compositions entitled "The Beauty Project" and "Mon Autre Moitié", both of which have received critical acclaim.

T. C. Crosser makes his new home in Brooklyn where he is putting the final touches on his third large body of work - "Elevator Music: For People Like Mark", an eight movement sequel to "Mon Autre Moitié" piece for Violin, Viola, Cello, French Horn, Clarinet and Rhodes Keyboard with distortion pedal.


Fearful Momentum

Written By: Little Man T (aka Tyler Crosser)


Tea Party

Written By: Little Man T (aka Tyler Crosser)



Mon Autre Moitie (Album)
Elevator Music: For People Like Mark (Album)

Set List

We're currently working with a nine song 30-minute set.
>Hyperbole A
>Plight of the Pretty People
>Hyperbole B
>Blind Leading the Blind
>Hyperbole C
>Saint Adeline
>Hyperbole D
>Elevator Music: For People Like Mark
>Rainy Days Make Me Happy