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San Francisco, California, United States

San Francisco, California, United States
EDM Drum & Bass




"ATM - Head Knot Review"

San Francisco based touchphonics is apparently a fresh faced artist with some old school flavor to his tracks, and here he takes on his fifth release on his own Elevated Press label. For those who are fans of the Full Cycle sound from the late 90's you may want to pay attention to this. 'Head Knot' takes the lead 1/2 time intro and live drum samples before the bass drops. On the other side 'Up In Arms' is another piece of 90's styled gutter funk with stepping drums and cheeky vocal snippets. - ATM Magazine (UK print)

"Track It Down Feature"

DRUM & BASS EXPRESSION! We're feeling this on baby. Percussive drumming and the most excellent soul rap from emcee Framework that just rolls over the hectic groove. This is one for the true lovers of Freestyle sounds wanting to mash up the place. Unique sounds and vibes that make us want to shake our heads a wig the heck right out! - Track It Down

"Big Up Ragga Style article"

SF’s own Touchphonics has just released his new single “Ragga Style” via Elevated Press featuring the legendary Ragga Twins, proving that the Bay has its own “Raver” sound. Starting off with heavy 808 sub hits and quirky synth line at 175 bpm, it progresses down to the funky 128 break. Guess what, you can hear for yourself – Touchphonics has given us an exclusive free download, which we are passing on to you, ’cause we love you. But it would be nice if you supported the artist and copped the instrumental and/or the 128 bpm re-rub of the breakdown. Buy it here. - Big Up Magazine

"HipHopDX I make Records blurb"

This track is pretty great. The Aztexts gear for their new project by collaborating with San Fran's Touchphonics to craft a hot cut about, well, making records. - HipHopDX

"XLR8R Ragga Style write up"

Here we've got a bit of a different step from the usual fare over at San Francisco's Elevated Press imprint, which usually focuses more on drum & bass and hip-hop. SF-based producer Touchphonics slows this track down to a steady 128 BPM, utilizing an army of percussive elements, including some colossal kicks and snares, to pound out a steady UK funky-esque pattern. Rhythm is definitely the focus of this track, as the only signs of melody can be found in the gurgling synth warbles and occasional shouted vocals of the Ragga Twins. Not that it's a bad thing; rhythm is also "Ragga Styles" strong point too, as the unrelenting clattering of hand percussion and giant drums are impossible to escape, as if you would even want to. "Ragga Styles (128 Mix)" can be found with its original counterpart on the forthcoming "Ragga Styles" 12" (artwork above) slated for release on March 29. - XLR8R Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Tchphnx (pronounced touchphonics) is a heavy hitting Dj/Producer based in San Francisco CA. From hip hop to drum and bass and everything in between he has been on a constant rise through out the ranks over the past few years. Always maintaining a D.I.Y. ethos, Tchphnx embarked on his own imprint, Elevated Press Records, in mid 2009. The label is the main output source for his productions as well as other like-minded artists. Along side the label is a steady stream of DJ bookings through out the SF/ Bay Area.

His first full length LP “Destroy All Lines” dropped on September 25th 2012 on Elevated Press. There is also plenty of brand new material in the pipelines to follow up the album, so keep it locked!