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About TC Mulhern

Music began for me in first grade with the violin. As the years progressed I picked up the trumpet, piano, guitar, baritone, tuba, trombone, bass, drums and learned how to sing in the middle school chorus. This directly contributed to my love for acoustic music once I began writing my own material. I went to school for video production and concentrated on audio production as well. All of my songs are written, arranged, produced, and mixed by myself in my apartment.



Written By: TC Mulhern

the outside world never sees the inside private circle
every face holds indecent proposals, of love
fight on different levels over something until someone hurts
laugh and point while someone cries out alone

the red light won't switch
worn down can't scratch the itch
that builds with intensity in each kiss

the bird does chirp
as the glass presents gods hand
split seconds decide our plan
this time
and we fight with different perspectives
scream and rant until someone hurts
push and shove while someone cries inside, alone

the red light won't switch
the worn down, can't scratch the itch
that builds, with intensity in each miss

Oh i can't leave
No i don't want to leave her

Jealousy You Shit

Written By: TC Mulhern

what a lonely sign
she lay asleep by my side
interrupting overrides me
and how can i relax
why can't i relax
while friends they pass on by me

and independent selfish keeps
attention diverted, and comfort gets thrown out
by the sidewalk
and my sleep travels will be like walking on thick gravel
and you can't save me tonight you can't save me any night and
why can't you see its our day not your way or my time,
to complain

Jealousy you shit
your the death from what i make live, live
i have to give you away

And when you think about demise and starving through
I'll find and cash and empty check for food

Force Fed

Written By: TC Mulhern

Force Fed
Force feed your time
reports read of course then to reap your kind
to meet your line i refuse to walk consistent
we will laugh at a problem or two

force feed your life or bombard your nerves
with sensory overload
and there's lights colors and love
chocolate and a hug
and ill just swerve towards home

may i climb back up the hill and sit next to you
snap the camera and smile
crash the ego
and chase warm paths

force feed your life
to meet your line
force feed down your wine
there's lights colors and love here
chocolate and a hug dear
and I'll just wait on the step of your door

Damaged Road

Written By: TC Mulhern

regret is so strong
forgetting the greatest thing that you've ever done
sign up for self esteem its down the hall

its time to move on from those moments come and gone
and even if you feel you can't leave
its time to go back
before the damaged road inside
of a lifetimes forest the fresh air will feel nice on your face
I am sure

You're almost to the end
just make it outside
regret tends to forget the greatest of your times
with, worthless inbetweens' to an end that never comes
pave the path on the hill for all the loved ones
before damaged road inside of a lifetimes forest
and then you can laugh at the fact, its just a moment come and gone
cause its time to push on
yea its time to move on past the door


Written By: TC Mulhern

One way looks on
as someone else steals
When its out in the open
Empty buckets wait in droughty fields
Hoping a response on the second try
then again it will never be the same

One way lives together
Leaves your lips in Disdain
When we leave here tomorrow
The silence will scream in my

One way pain feels as if
someone leads a new life
And she feels an old breeze
Pre-dates our try
Which tells us

One way lives together
leaves obligations of pain
When we don't see us tomorrow
I'll remember your lips with disdain


none currently released officially but have finished unmastered 11 song lp

Set List

I will be performing with John Bragg and we will switch off playing each others songs. so 3 or 4 of mine and 3 or 4 of his. At different points within the set I will play acoustic guitar or Violin and he will play electric guitar, banjo, or clarinet.