The shared story of our nation's youth, struggling to find their way in the modern world by exploring their own beliefs. These thoughts are accompanied and driven by minimalist guitar parts, with more emphasis on texture and mood than technical content.


TC, the most recent solo endeavor of Travis Oliver, provides the kind of introverted writing that helps us make it through those late night drives, wherever they may lead us. As the leader of prog/noise band Stomach and former member of Denton, Texas shoegaze outfit, Baruch the Scribe, TC takes atmospheric textures that were born in Baruch and tames them for use in a more traditional, Americana based repertoire. The efforts of TC over the past year have been focused on writing, recording, and sharing in intimate settings. These efforts have been in steady preparation for the upcoming release of "Time Alone", the first official TC release, and a slew of Denton and Austin gigs.


Travis C. Oliver has released music as Younger Sons, with the LP "Fears & Beers" and Baruch the Scribe with the EP "Intentions".

The EP "Time Alone" is set to be released in January under the current moniker of TC.

Set List

30-40 minute set of 6 songs.