C-Sick; The Chosen One

C-Sick; The Chosen One

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Just push play and occassionally rewind. No need to skip around. Every song is worth it's weight. Certified classic for the streets with a spiritual uplift that the game is in need of!


If you’re looking for the hottest new undiscovered talent in the industry, then you’re in the right place. If you love an MC for the lyrical repertoire he displays, then you’re in the right place. If you love underground music with quality production and hard hitting beats, then you’re definitely in the right place. If you’re searching for music with substance and not just a carbon copy of what’s currently being shoved down your throat by the mainstream media, then look no further. Your search is over.

C-Sick; The Chosen One aka TCO, the 28 year old lyrical powerhouse, former gang member, and owner of Souled Out Entertainment is definitely what the masses are waiting to hear. Born Chevist Johnson in Omaha, NE, he has been creating underground music and mix tapes for 15 years. On Oct. 12, 2006 he released his first official, full length album Souled Out. From start to finish, there are no sleepers. Just push play and rewind, kuz there is no need to skip a single track on this album. The most amazing thing about this album is that it covers all aspects of life. From gang banging, to drug dealing, to dating, to marriage, to God; all of life’s experiences packed into a single CD, all while using the Will Smith rule…NO CURSING! They said it couldn’t be done, but he has definitely proved them wrong!

Currently, C-Sick is seeking venues to perform around the country and abroad. He has performed in Los Angeles, Kansas City, Omaha and Lincoln. From bars to churches to prisons to schools, he’s done them all. He’s been on national and international radio stations, newspapers and magazines. The hit single Serious has been getting huge feedback from all around the globe and the hard hitting Square One was rated #5 by listeners on American Idol Underground July 3, 2007. Get him on your schedule before it’s too late. So if you’re a label searching for a new jewel, a venue looking for a hot act, or just looking for a relevant change in today’s hip hop that so many are calling dead, a gift from God is right before your eyes!

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Written By: C-Sick; The Chosen One

Damus 2 Tru blues, it's serious,
D-Lanes 2 8 Tres, it's serious.
From the 6 to da bricks, it's serious,
from the stones to da folks, it's serious.
LA, The Bay, NY, BX, the Chi, the A, the Lou, the O, it's serious.

Verse 1

Come walk with me through the valley of the shadow of death,
now known as the dark alleys, gangs battle with Tecs.
Concreat jungles of heaters and vests, were ghetto vets,
hustle just for the fun of it, not a single one lovin it.
Survival is a must and most the homies dont make it,
here today, gone tomorrow, many souls get taken.
Reapers awaken and Satan is waitin , kuz time's waistin,
aint too much left and he aint tryin to wait till Revelation.
Heart bangin through ya chest, kuz you dont know what to do,
just when you think youre safe another rivals bustin at you.
Blood gets spilled when Bloods get killed, blood gets spilled when Cuz get killed,
blood gets spilled, kuz thugs is real.
Love is nill, this aint no movie,
where I can get up and die another day after they shoot me.
This real life, serious business, we playin with death,
one in your chest will have you asthmatic til your last breath, I'm Serious.

Verse 2
From Kilafornia all the way to NY, bandanas they hang high,
plenty beef in the streets, see we bang for gang signs.
Fingers twisted out the window, as we reppin our blocks,
just the moment of time for you blinded by Tec shots.
Bullets dont ask questions, anybody can fall,
gang bamgins 24-7 from the park to the mall.
Heany heaters stay concealed, hollows sparkin from draws,
reaction times gotta be quick, you dead if you pause.
Always peep the scene through both side mirrors and rear view,
burners stay cocked and loaded, you keepin it near you.
Your rivals dont fear you, just waitin for you to slip,
bang blue, but still gotta watch ya back for other Crips.
The Blood gang and drug game, just dont mix,
a price tag is on your head, kuz you came short on a brick.
Prison, or ditches, it dont make a difference, we all get sentenced,
by .20 pens from penguins behind benches, real talk pimpin!

Square One

Written By: C-Sick; The Chosen One

(Square One) I done seen it b-4, been there, done that,
toted the 9s, 45s, 30s, and Macs.
(Square One) I done had turn out il I was burned out,
put them on tape, sessions almost every other day.
(Square One) Aint none of tis new aint nothin changed,
gang bangins the same, form Denver Lanes to the Jaynes.
(Square One) I done hugged the block, slung the rock,
run from cops, aint too young to stop, I humg my glock.

Ahve you ever looked death in the eyes,
on the battle field, starin down the barrel of a 40 cal glock, or a nine.
Walkin towards ya killa, 5-10 ft from a gage,
aint seen the front page, but lived to walk away unscaved.
My life is real and nobody can take it from me,
how many demons tested you in the streets, how many times in life have you busted heat?
and tried to hit your target, heat sparkin, emptied a full clip and youre just gettin started.
You dont know half of the things that Ive seen, Half of the dirt I done did,
bullets for me enterand exit a kid.
And see the scene day by day, hour by hour,
each night I prayed, before i slept, I took a cold shower.
Wasnt worth the pain and anguish I felt,
nightmares of homicide, Im bout to die and nobodys in sight to give help.
Crucified like Jehovah the Son,
I palced my sins at the altar, no longer faultered, now Im back at square one.

Verse 2
I was never afraid to die, but often afriad to stay alive,
tryin to find a way to grind a dollar out a dime.
tryin to stay out obitualries, firing nines,
feelin my time to shine, representin 6 to the 5.
5 to the 4, tre of a kind, led by the blind,
Jaynes banger, no stranger to homisides from drivebys.
Late night sessions hittin dro to get high,
some of the hardest alive foldin from stress commited suicide.
Secrecys divine, hood orientated design,
corruptin my mind, drama in my life.
My guys hired by FBI,
the ones doing the least, talkin the least and then they get the most time.
So many times Ive cried til my eyes burned dry,
but had to keep my mind right in the light of the lime.
Going for mine, kept me in the firing line,
the shine from crime reverted my dollars back to a dime.

Verse 3
We were called to be kings, but got caught up in the system.
Royal priesthood of princes, now our kingdoms are prisons.
Rome the streets of the earth not knowing demons are in them,
many lives taken, Satans making sure that he get them.
Put their face on a shirt, we reminise kuz we mis them,
but let a little time pass and most the homies fortget them.
Froma the oldest to the youngest, even those eho were wit them,
was your rider while still alive but now you will diss them.
The OG who pumped you up to bomb first, so you hit them,
sat you down wit his plug, gave you oz. to flip them.
Sent you on your first mission, rolled the blunts and you lit them,
after puttin in brought you turn out and you split them.
From the same broken families, we dont know how to fix them,
some of the brightest inthe world, but we all lack wisdom.
Used to share all of the same hopes, dreams and wishes,
now we share phamaldihide in the caskets we kiss them.

Called and Sent

Written By: C-Sick; The Chosen One

Called and Sent

This ya man C-Sick, you better recognize,
But when I'm TCO, it should be televised.(x2).
Not only called, but sent...(x2).

Verse 1
Game recognize game, I don't aim when I spray,
Weather sooner or later trust me you gone feel me one day.
Engraving scripture in lyrical bullets, aint no tellin when Imma pull it,
My triggers tricky when my clip is the fullest.
The modern day apostle Paul, sent to brake up tradition,
gather up all the Salus and turn them into saints when I'm finished.
On a mission form the Most High, alias Elyon,
relationship vs. religion, the battle is on.
Be more than a Christian, it's time to do away with the system,
the way of the world is wicked,
filled with envy and vegeance.
Don't deny the water rushin inside,
no need to fight it, I can see the passion burnin ya eyes.
I'm tryin to give you hope.
Likse I had it layin in the palm of my hands,
through wisdom and knowledge, explaining truths you don't understand.
I'm more than a man in the Spirit, know when I'm not in the flesh,
receive the gifts I give to you, to curse them is death( come on!)

Verse 2
Now all my soldier round up, it's time to go to war,
We bout to do it like it aint never been done before.
It's time to hit the block, kuz the streets is the battle field,
a war zone, Armaggedom, mantles have to be filled.
prophecy has been spoken, end of days are on their way,
right before our generation apsses away.
The scripture is written, message hidden in Biblical code,
seeking the meaning of His parables, kuz many don't know.
The gospel and the law summed up in a singular verse,
Sadducess and Pharisees all felt the wrath of the curse.
The Kingdom is dwellin inside of you, just brake fom the shell,
how com when I offer you heaven, you keep beggin for hell?
Truth will set you free, why are you so locked in you ways, lost in a maze,
your flesh has got you boxed in a cage.
Stuck in your mind, still tryin to get a buck from a dime,
Satan's touchin you blind, clutchin, but aint bustin a dime(come on!)

Verse 3
You've purchased a ticket to witness the rawest north of the Mason Dixon,
paradise will be your sentence, if I can grab your attention.
Get you to listen, as I kick this heavenly vision,
bring together all demographics, do away with division.
This is my mission, to motivate the mind of a fool,
as as he stands on street corners, singin jukebox tunes.
The average rapper only proves their ignorance in thier lyrics,
lost Pac in the flesh, now these rappers dieing in spirit.
Time to place my DNA in the game,
engulf the industry in a river of living water ignited in flame.
Like kerosene and gasoline laces with ethanol,
called to put salt in your wound, spiritual alcohol.
Be healed through lyricism, all of your sins are forgiven,
it's written Baptism, be born of the water and spirit.
I'm over my head, but grounded and rooted in truth,
the proof is in the lyrics I shoot, when I spit from the booth(Rahh!)


Fusion Fest 2007, Carry The Cross Vol. 1(2007), All About The Blood Mix Tape(2007), Mission Impossible Mix Tape (2007), Souled Out (2006), Get Ready Mix Tape (2006).

Set List

I don't usually go in with a set list. Whatever God leads me to minister, I do. If there are perticular songs requested, just let me know!