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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band Americana Singer/Songwriter


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"Big Pop - classic and beautifully sung"

Debut album from singer-writer feted by Bob Harris, Phil Jupitus and Tom Robinson.
No, not the Chet Baker song, although Lind’s CV includes being a jazz pianist in Paris. Then it also includes being a blues singer in New York, fronting a rock band in Kentucky, and playing the UK pub circuit (he’s English, though he lives in the US). At times his album is Americana - the taste for 3/4 tempos; Come In From The Cold’s raw, Dylanesque blues; the even rawer Disco Boat, and gospel They Laid Jesus In His Grave. But then the Brit pokes through in the Beatlesque touches on I’m Not Worried and Let’s Get Lost. Predominantly it’s big pop - a bit mainstream occasionally, but more often classic and beautifully sung. Particularly so on I Don’t Miss You, just voice and piano; Rufus Wainwright will kick himself he didn’t write this.
Sylvie Simmons
- MOJO (4 stars)

"The missing link between Damien Rice and Jeff Tweedy"

Tipped for big things this year, UK tunesmith T.D. Lind offers up eclectic debut.
Produced by Kevin Ayers veteran Rupert Hine, from soft and sensitive ("Milestone") to clattering rock ("One Fine Day") to hallelujahs and handclaps ("They Laid Jesus Christ In His Grave"). The missing link between Damien Rice and Jeff Tweedy.
- UNCUT (3 stars)

"A special new talent at work"

With his heart-on-sleeve voice, a bunch of confessional lyrics and tunes that soar to the heavens, TD’s created a set that should give the likes of James Blunt and Damien Rice a run for their money. A special new talent at work. - The Sun Newspaper (biggest UK national)


This album just blew me away. Totally gorgeous. It would definitely be one of my choices if I were asked to compile a list of favourite albums.

Make a mental note of the name TD Lind, because on hearing this album I feel that this guy could be destined for bigger things!
TD Lind has definitely been living out his dream to the fullest, and this exceptional album is a kind of diary of his life so far. Growing up in England, he had a big dream to become a singer and songwriter, which was to take him away from his farmhouse home and into a rock ‘n’ roll band playing pubs and clubs around Britain. He also played jazz piano in Paris one winter, before moving to America where he played blues nightly in a tavern in New York. He then met four great musicians and formed a band, before making Kentucky his home.
TD became a singer and songwriter in his own right, as well as writing a film score. Then one day he was back home in Kentucky when he decided to put some of his songs onto a 4-track Tascam, once done he then headed back to England. A copy of that tape then fell into the hands of record producer Rupert Hine, and eventually they met up and recorded this very personal and quite bewitching album over in Los Angeles.
Before I got a chance to hear this album I had seen TD doing a support slot at the Borderline, and even though he was alone on stage with just his guitar, I could definitely tell that he was something quite special. I then received a sampler CD which whet my appetite more, and this album was the icing on the cake and just blew me away.
The wonderfully eccentric pop tune Radio Proposal gets the CD off to a great start, with some fine piano throughout. Falling gives TD a chance to show the range and power in his voice, and the title track Let’s Get Lost is a gloriously simple track musically that is the perfect foil to show off his amazing vocal inflections.
Those same vocal intonations are what make Last Kiss the best track on the album and probably one of the most amazing songs I have heard in a very long time! The musical backing is almost cabaret styled, and TD Lind’s vocals are just awesomely out of this world. I could not help but imagine this song being sung by the much-missed Alex Harvey who often sung similar types of song, and I have not heard a voice that compares to his until now, quite brilliant!
TD also shows his tender side on beautiful ballads such as I’m Not Worried, the heart-warmingly gentle A Bird Flew, and the totally gorgeous I Don’t Miss You.
This album would definitely be one of my choices if I were to be asked to compile a list of my favourite albums.
- Maverick Magazine (4 stars)


Commercial set from the guitar strumming T.D. Lind who started his professional life toting a Gretsch 6120 and playing small clubs in London. But a shift to the southern states in America opened his eyes and gave him the experiences to write these songs. The production is superb from the simple Milestone and A Bird Flew (which could be Lind sitting in your front room) to the period pieces of the title track and Last Kiss. Credit for this goes to the great producer, Rupert Hine. A chance meeting of the two in London took them back to America to record this exceptional album. One Fine Day is more of a band sound with heavier guitar work but it is the sheer contrasts between each track that keeps you coming back for more. Great examples of guitar based song writing and effective playing and as success requires both, this is a great example of what can be achieved.

4/5 - Guitar Techniques (4 stars)

"WOW !"

I believe the word I'm looking for around about here is 'wow'. These songs are really quite special. You won't hear many better songs this year, so pay attention at the back! - Zeitgeist Magazine

"Simply Magnificent"

Wow! And wow Again! Special, so special. That's my immediate reaction to TD Lind and his new single release, 'Radio Proposal'. With Gilbert O'Sullivan pop sensibility and Cat Stevens-esque vibrant delivery it's a real stunner!
Track two is, for me, absolutely on the button. Reminiscent of Tom Waits in its experimental jazzy way this is class personified, an absolute beauty of a song and my favourite by far. Then, for bloody good measure, we have 'Milestone' to close this exceptional work. It's yet another side of this great performer; an emotional, slow grinder full of superb dynamics and one that I could well imagine being covered) by someone very soon.

'Radio Proposal' by TD Lind is pure, unadulterated class. Surely TD Lind is destined to be the new James Blunt; his music is accessible to most tastes - he's a fantastic songwriter and mind-blowin' performer. Simply magnificent stuff!! - Rhythm & Booze

"Something different and a little bit special"

Over the last year or so solo artists have a gained a pretty bad reputation, ‘helped’ in no small part by the likes of serial mope Damien Rice, whiney James Blunt and the downright terrifying Mika. It’s going to take some hard work to do away with this view but TD Lind might just manage it.
With enough pop simplicity to tackle the chart bothering ‘Grace Kelly’ lover and enough rough edges to tick the ‘credibility’ box, Lind has real potential. ‘Radio Proposal’ is a bubbly piano driven number that is a certifiable Top 40 hit. However it’s his B-sides ‘Last Kiss’, a bleepy-blues track and ‘Milestone’, a short and simple Buckley-esque ballad, that really mark him out as being something different and perhaps a little bit special. - Glasswerk Magazine (on-line)

"An essential album"

It’s not often that one puts a new CD into the player and is immediately struck by its quality – big time! This is a pretty special album...

This is one remarkable record that will find its way into our best albums of 2007 list come December. It’s assured, diverse and strong in every musical department with lyrical content that is simple and beyond reproach. Hell, it’s an essential album so go buy... - Shake 'n' stir (on-line magazine)

"Live Review"

The Americana Festival
The Borderline Club, London 5/10/06

The first act up on stage was TD Lind, who was a new name to me. It is always a hard thing for a support act to make an impression when nearly everyone has come to see the main act, plus the support is normally doing a solo acoustic spot without the added comfort zone of a backing band to make some extra sound to drown out any talkers. Every now and again though, a support act has that little something extra that makes you take notice, and TD had that something.
In his allotted half hour slot he managed to hold the attention of a fair portion of the crowd, and proved himself an excellent guitarist as well as a very good singer and songwriter. His set was far from boring as his finger moved effortlessly over the strings of his guitar to craft some quite wonderful tunes, to which his quite unique and fluctuating vocal range did the rest. Whether he sung a slow ballad or a rockier song, his vocals coped quite easily. On one of the mid paced soft rock numbers his rangy vocal inflections had both my brother and myself comparing the song to ones by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, as the late Mr Harvey also had a very unique vocal style that has never really been copied. On this showing TD Lind is definitely a singer to watch out for.
- Maverick Magazine


"Come In From The Cold" (single) UK Nov 2006
"Radio Proposal" (single) UK March 2007
"Let's Get Lost" (LP) UK March 2007
"Her" (single) UK July 2007
"Falling" (single) UK Oct 2007
"Call Me Sinner" (LP) UK Oct 2008

Great support at BBC Radio 2: Wogan Breakfast Show, Bob Harris, Mark Radcliff, Stuart Maconie, The Weekender, Dermot O'Leary, Janice Long, Alex Lester, Pete Mitchell, Simon Mayo, Chris Evans, Mark Lamarr, Jonathan Ross Show...
BBC Radio 4: Loose Ends
BBC 6 Music: Phil Jupitus, Tom Robinson (Record-of-the-Week)
BBC London: Big George, Robert Elms.
Most major UK DJ's playing singles or album tracks.

BBC Radio 4's Loose Ends
BBC 6Music's Tom Robinson (where it was also Record-of-the-Week).

Great support from regional BBC, ILR, Student and Specialist radio, with conintuned local Play-Listings as well as Records-of-the-Week.

iTUNES (UK) Single-Of-The-Week



Critically acclaimed singer and songwriter TD Lind is back with a new album set to meet the success of his previous. Since the release and success of ‘Let’s Get Lost’, he and his band have been playing a handful of brand new songs live before moving into a barn in Dorset and recording his new album, ‘Call Me Sinner’, in just four days.

What an Englishman was doing living in the Highlands of Louisville, Kentucky is really anyone's guess but he knew he was pursuing an inescapable dream to become a singer and a songwriter. This dream had moved him away from home and into a rock ‘n’ roll band that travelled across Britain playing bars and pubs, it had put him into small night clubs in London and had him playing Jazz piano in the Duc De Lombard over a winter in Paris. Then somewhere between him singing blues nightly at Arthur's Tavern across from his room on Christopher Street in New York, a cab ride that took him to New Orleans, and making coffee for sessions at Ocean Way studios in Los Angeles, he found four great musicians, formed a band, and made Louisville, Kentucky home.

After then spending months on the road with his band, headlining before thousands on the banks of the Ohio, supporting acts from Ozzy Osbourne to Wilco, recording an album for A&M Records and all the extraordinary experiences in between, he decided to record some new material. These songs were the stories of the people he had met, the details of his life from small European clubs to the untouched towns of the Mid-West and were unlike anything he had previously written or sung. And having put those songs down and witnessed the sad demise of his record label, TD Lind came home to England.

A copy of that cassette fell into the hands of the highly unique record producer Rupert Hine. A year later, Lind and Hine had made some remarkable recordings. These recordings make up most of his debut album Let’s Get Lost, released in the UK in 2007.

In the last two years he’s performed three nights at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire supporting James Blunt, the South By Southwest Festival in Austin Texas, supports with Mew, 93 Feet East in London's Brick Lane, the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park, and opening the Americana Festival in London to rave reviews. A residency in London's Borderline Club through the summer of 2007 and UK tour following over the Autumn of 2007. His rendition of Woody Guthrie’s “Jesus Christ” featured throughout the Julie Walters and Rupert Grint Christmas hit movie Driving Lessons, and he’s just scored the award winning gritty East End gangster documentary film The End, which will be screened at the Raindance Festival in London October 2008.

Radio already includes support from BBC Radio2, BBC Radio4, BBC 6Music including: Wogan, Dermot O’Leary, Bob Harris, Janice Long, Alex Lester, Pete Mitchell, The Weekender, Simon Mayo, Mark Radcliff & Stuart Maconie, Phil Jupitus, Big George, and outstanding live sessions on Tom Robinson’s 6Music show and a mesmerizing performance on Radio 4’ Loose Ends, he’s also been made Tom Robinson’s Single-Of-The-Week, as well as being both playlisted and made Album-of-the-Week across BBC , ILR and student regional radio. A finalist to the Independent Awards, he also received huge support from iTunes who not only gave him the highly prestigious honour of Single-of-the-Week but also included him on their Essential music for 2007 compilation.

TD Lind toured the UK with Eileen Rose in September and October 2008. He starts 2009 writing the score and some new songs for the independent Hollywood movie "Feed The Fish", one of his earlier songs, "No" has just been recorded by major Spanish artist Sarray (Universal Records) and is her first single - and he's been invited to perform two nights at The House Of Blues in Los Angeles.