Palatine, Illinois, USA

TurningDownToday is a rock band from Palatine, IL. They play hard rock with a radio edge, entertaining to both musicians and the masses. The band's strong drive, professionalism, and musicianship is what carries their originals and live performances to a higher level.


Formed just a few years ago, TurningDownToday has become one of the most popular rock bands in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. In the summer of 2005, they won the Palatine/Rolling Meadows/Salt Creek Battle of the Bands, earning a spot to play at Durty Nellie’s on July 24, 2005. They have performed at many venues around their hometown of Palatine, including the Limelight Café, Twin Lakes, Elk Grove Village VFW, Fred P. Hall Amphitheater, Durty Nellie’s, and much more. In Chicago, they’ve played at countless bars, including Hoghead McDunna’s, Red Line Tap, US Beer Co, and many more. TurningDownToday is a hard rock group with mainstream accessibility. The band performed in the 95.1FM WIIL Rock Bandemonium Competition, and was the youngest band to receive as many votes as they did. In 2006, TurningDownToday was featured on the front page of Daily Herald newspaper’s local section. In 2007, TurningDownToday played at various bars in Chicago, often as a featured Live Karaoke Band. Currently, TdT is making an impact on the rock scene in Champaign-Urbana, packing bars and rock clubs. TurningDownToday released their debut CD, “..Looking to Tomorrow” in the summer of 2006 and is still touring in support of the album. In 2008, TdT opened for Universal Republic band ALTER BRIDGE, as well as the nationally touring MIDNIGHT TO TWELVE. TurningDownToday puts on an energetic, exciting live show, and their sound in concert shows the band truly in their element.



Written By: TurningDownToday

(written by Vallone)

youve stepped out
way too far
and i know who
you really are

youve crossed the line
youve broken my trust
its time for
you to re-adjust (because)

not backing
down again
the blood pours out
from this pen

its working
on me just now
you'll see
you'll see, just how

every time i rise
its you that breaks me down
and every time we fly
its him that takes us crashing down

soardown, soardown

had you waited
one more day
i wouldve been old enough
to be on my way

just holding back
what kills inside
you make this day
a miserable life

i dont want your work
i dont want your act
i dont need your names
so take it all back

get back away
and shut the door
who needs you
any more?

(not me)

every time i rise
its you that breaks me down
and every time we fly
its him that takes us crashing down

soardown, soardown


Full-length CD: Looking to Tomorrow

3 tracks streaming on USA4Real.com
You've Got

Set List

1hr 20min of all originals:
The End
Looking to Tomorrow
The Fallout
Over Now
No Way Back
You've Got
What Holds You In
All Forgiven
Anything More

If covers are needed, 2-3 hour sets can be played featuring songs of: Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin, Stone Temple Pilots, Van Halen, and more.

Sample Cover Song List:
Aerosmith - Love in an Elevator
Alice in Chains - Man in the Box
Alice in Chains - Rooster
Alice in Chains - Would?
Alter Bridge - Before Tomorrow Comes
Alter Bridge - Find the Real
Alter Bridge - Rise Today
Black Crowes - Hard to Handle
Black Crowes - Jealous Again
Bon Jovi - Wanted (Dead or Alive)
Chickenfoot - Sexy Little Thing
Chickenfoot - Soap on a Rope
Eric Clapton - Layla
Foo Fighters - Everlong
Guns n Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine
Guns n Roses - Welcome to the Jungle
Humble Pie - 30 Days in the Hole
Incubus - Circles
Led Zeppelin - Good Times Bad Times
Led Zeppelin - Over the Hills and