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"I have listened to your 5 songs several times over. they are very intimate. they are lofty and concise. they are honest and vulnerable. not to mention, i like them. thank you, very much, for sharing them." Daniel, That Instrument quote "Haunting Bedroom Folk" Portland Phoenix


Teaadora Nikolova started her own church at the age of 12, traveled much as child, once to Japan, mostly residing in the (subjective) Normal, Illinois for a great deal of her life before making her musical stratum in Boston, Massachusetts where she lived for almost a year, where she plans to return in the fall of 2009 after living in the west.

Do you have wonder? Do you wonder where Teaadora is or will be? She is however living much of nowhere, will you help her on her way? Her music is much of her life bring her where she will be, will you help her on her way?

"...so riveting with the soft and quavering, almost childlike haunting and alternately soothing melodies." Joraina, Blog

"Somber chanteuse and francofile mousesong..."
San Fransisco Noise and Weird Music Calendar


In Birds Telling

Written By: TEAADORA

In Birds Telling
"The Day Before
My Birthday" (Take One)

I say
"Hi" to the morning
because I
like what it brings me,
seems to have always been my
and I like the way it
unravels the nude, and
the birds
you should listen to what they are
trying to tell you.
They are the
prescient poets of the news, the
new world news.
They are brought
to you in the morning
for the
day and its unsympathetic turning.

And I get this feeling because
I just get this feeling.
tell me that its foolish because
it comes for a reason
and its

because of the way we are living
Your subjectivity seems to
get to me
and I'll wipe it off
like I told you,
and I do with a
little of this patience.

this keeps on adding up in my
The multitudes all talk to
me like they are all the
but they aren't because you
can't understand me
when I am
playing all of these;
when I am
caught in-between
the proper way
to breath.

Oiseaux Disant
Jour Avant que Mon Anniversaire -
Prend L'un

Je dis : « Salut »
au matin parce que j'aime qu'il
m'amène le matin toujours a été
mon ami j'aime la façon il défait
le nu, et les oiseaux vous devez
écouter qu'ils essaient de vous
dire. Ils sont les poètes
prescients des nouvelles, les
nouvelles nouvelles mondiales. Ils
vous sont amenés dans la matinée,
avec le jour et son tourner peu
compatissant. J'obtiens cette
sensation, juste parce
j'obtiens cette sensation ne
me dit pas qui son sot parce qu'il
vient pour une raison et son parce
que de la façon que nous habitons
sur. Votre subjectivité semble
m'obtenir, mais je l'essuyerai
d'aimé je vous ai dit, et je fais
avec un petit de cette patience
(sans relâche)

Tout ceci
continue à ajouter en haut dans
mon cerveau, Les multitudes tout
discours à moi comme ils sont
de même mais ils ne sont pas
parce que vous ne pouvez pas me
comprendre Quand je joue tout ces
Quand je suis
pris intermédiaire
la façon correcte au

This is a song along
with all songs on "The Day Before
My Birthday" (Take One) done with
Jeremy Armstrong of "Bo Knows"

In 2008 By Jeremy Armstrong

Don't Expect a Stradivarius

Written By: TEAADORA

Don't You Go
Don't You Go
I Want You To Know
I Want You To Know
I Can Work For Us
Maybe Fix Us
Don't Expect Perfect Love

As a telling on the title:
A Stradivarius is a stringed instrument built by members of the Stradivari family, particularly Antonio Stradivari. The bowed instruments are famous for the quality of their sound, which has defied attempts to explain or reproduce. Us humans have an awareness any art will progress, painters will show the contemporary world, writers will explore all that the imagination can conjure, but the makers of violins, violas and cellos are held to one standard and the best they can work at is reaching the collectively understood ideal of the Stradivarius.
(A supplement to create interesting discourse on subject of the Strativarius: http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3LnlvdXR1YmUuY29tL3dhdGNoP3Y9SVJURmVCUG8zMHM=)
Recorded by Max Miller-Loran
November 2008

On Conversations: on an' on an' on an' on

Written By: TEAADORA

On an' on an' on an' on

I don't know what your saying.
What's with this conversation?

On an' on an' on an' on

I am the mouth.
I don't know what your saying.
That's the ear's job.
Whats with this conversation?

On an' on an' on an' on

I am asking for your heart,
your giving me your arms,
your legs, your extremities.
Quit heading out to sea,
come home to me.

On an' on an' on an' on


Quadrotonomy-Gemini-Split (Tape)
Quadtrotomy- Gemini-Split (18 minute exhibitions)
Split with Shane Butler (From Boston, known mostly for playing in The Good Part, Yawn Alms, among other bands.)
1. (May 20, 1986) TEAADORA: Eee Dee (With Braille Teeth & Swim Ignorant Fire) Recorded in Bloomington, Illinois with Stephen Holiger of Swim Ignorant Fire. (18 minutes)
2. (May 31st, 1986)Shane Butler:recorded in massachusettes, new york, and pennsylvania; garbage tarp; usa. (18 minutes)

"Un Peu Après Le 20 Mai, 1986 ; Une Démonstration Pour 2009. A Little After May 20, 1986; A Demonstration For 2009."

Record 08-28-08 in Andover, Massachusetts at Jason Rozen's house where I played alongside Chritopher Alspach: Octave Mandolin (played as bowed, percussively, and traditionally with pick or fingers.), vocal instrumentation.

Recorded by Jason Rozen of Grind Tapes Records:

"The Day Before My Birthday" take one

Recorded May 19, 2008 in Bloomington, Illinois.
(Self-Produced on 4-track with Jeremy Armstrong from Bo Knows:.myspace.com/boknowsdada )

Set List

Typically playing time for Teaadora Nikolvoa is 30 minutes, with one long song to start as a typical set and some shorter songs to follow.

Song Repertoire:
1. In Birds Telling
2. On Conversations:
on an' on an' on an' on (~4:00)
3. And I Can See You Now (16:08)
4. On Opposite Coasts: (5:40)
5. "small things" (13:26)
6. There is a Counter-Reaction (~8:00)
7. Eee Dee (Played with Braille Teeth) (~18:00)
8. A Feeling (~7:00)
9. Don't Expect A Stradivarius (~4:00)
10. Cabin In The Woods (~3:00)
11. The Boy's King (~3:00)