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Teaadora Nikolova will play the Labyrinth Press Company on Sunday night.

Though featuring a member of the band Casados, which has played both Labyrinth and Forte in the past, Sunday's show will be Teaadora Nikolova's first gig at Labyrinth.

''Her music, as she must be, is beautiful and mysterious,'' said Labyrinth owner Jeff James. ''Sunday shows only happen when we grab a top touring musician and we are only open that day for the show, from 5 to 9 p.m. with the show at 7 p.m.''

Labyrinth has a full winter schedule of shows, which can be found online at MySpace.com/LabyrinthPressCompany. For more info about Sunday's show, visit MySpace.com/Teaadora. - The Post Journal, Jamestown, New York

TEAADORA comes with her haunting bedroom folk. - The Portland, Maine Phoenix

"Somber chanteuse and francofile mousesong..." - San Fransisco Bay Area Noise and Weird Music Calendar


Quadrotonomy-Gemini-Split (Tape)
Quadtrotomy- Gemini-Split (18 minute exhibitions)
Split with Shane Butler (From Boston, known mostly for playing in The Good Part, Yawn Alms, among other bands.)
1. (May 20, 1986) TEAADORA: Eee Dee (With Braille Teeth & Swim Ignorant Fire) Recorded in Bloomington, Illinois with Stephen Holiger of Swim Ignorant Fire. (18 minutes)
2. (May 31st, 1986)Shane Butler:recorded in massachusettes, new york, and pennsylvania; garbage tarp; usa. (18 minutes)

"Un Peu Après Le 20 Mai, 1986 ; Une Démonstration Pour 2009. A Little After May 20, 1986; A Demonstration For 2009."

Record 08-28-08 in Andover, Massachusetts at Jason Rozen's house where I played alongside Chritopher Alspach: Octave Mandolin (played as bowed, percussively, and traditionally with pick or fingers.), vocal instrumentation.

Recorded by Jason Rozen of Grind Tapes Records:

"The Day Before My Birthday" take one

Recorded May 19, 2008 in Bloomington, Illinois.
(Self-Produced on 4-track with Jeremy Armstrong from Bo Knows:.myspace.com/boknowsdada )



Teaadora Nikolova started her own church at the age of 12, traveled much as child, once to Japan, mostly residing in the (subjective) Normal, Illinois for a great deal of her life before making her musical stratum in Boston, Massachusetts where she lived for almost a year, where she plans to return in the fall of 2009 after living in the west.

Do you have wonder? Do you wonder where Teaadora is or will be? She is however living much of nowhere, will you help her on her way? Her music is much of her life bring her where she will be, will you help her on her way?

"...so riveting with the soft and quavering, almost childlike haunting and alternately soothing melodies." Joraina, Blog

"Somber chanteuse and francofile mousesong..."
San Fransisco Noise and Weird Music Calendar