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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF
Band Folk Pop




"TEA press release"

Montreal November 5, 2012 - TEA is pleased to announce the launch of their debut album, the
self-titled “TEA”, a collision of Jazz & Folk. They offer unique and quirky tunes, coupled with
haunting vocal harmonies, set to offbeat progressions. Lyrically, they have penned songs that
resonate with truth and edge.
TEA is a collaborative work stemming from the band’s original inception as a trio; Thanya Iyer,
Emilie Kahn and Ali Levy. It all started with Emilie and Thanya, after meeting at Vanier College’s
Music Department, deciding they both wanted to play in a “cool” British kind of Indie Rock Band.
So these two classical gals joined forces with their Upright Bass Jazz pal from across the hall, Ali,
and started to jam. After nailing down their first two songs, “Lullaby”, and “Walking in My
Shoes”. there was no stopping this force of nature.
TEA is now a 6-piece band, adding Simon Millerd with his ’40’s trumpet counterlines; Shaina
Hayes filling the third part of vocals; and Marc Beland and those Krupa influenced drums.
Thanya plays both violin & grand piano on the album as well the group’s leading vocals alongside
Emilie, who also adds a surreal harp. These girls have managed to meld their vocals in such a
captivating way there is no way not to compare them to the Siren Mermaids of days of yore that
cast their spell upon the sailors of the sea.
TEA’s Jazz-Folk sextet is taking over the Montreal music scene one show at a time. America open
up those pearly gates.
To listen and download their new album visit: http://teaband.bandcamp.com/ - Era Melina and Kathy Wolf

"TEA Band"

What comes to mind when reading the letters TEA? British accents, posh attitudes, boring, hour-long conversations about gardening? Wrong.

TEA is in fact one of Montreal’s most exciting up and coming bands— its pioneers consisting of three leading ladies, who might I add, are anything but boring. Always clad in the most exquisite vintage wear, their classic, yet fresh sound is finally beginning to receive the exposure it deserves.

Thanya, Emilie, and Ali have been making music together for years in a collective effort to share their sound with Montreal’s enthusiastic audiences. These ladies have created a quirky, yet alluring image that could be easily mistaken for a whimsical still from a Woody Allen movie.

Although their music is to be taken seriously, many of their lyrics are spiked with humorous jabs at teenage angst, a reflection of their fun-loving and free spirited disposition. Simply put, a TEA show involves much more than a typical performance. It extends to an entire production in which the band engages the audience with the slam-dunk combination of humor and talent, allowing them to take a part in the show itself.

With a growing audience and solidified sense of confidence, the band is hoping to heighten its success by recording an album. For this, however, the girls will need YOUR help.

All proceeds donated to the band’s indie gogo page will finance recording sessions and cd production. To meet the girls and hear about their 5000$ initiative, CLICK HERE.

Stay tuned for news on TEA’s release party, as well as a free show to thank those who helped out. Expect a night full of good music, great company, and yes, you guessed it, lots of free tea.

Bassist and back-up vocalist Ali says, “a year ago, getting friends to come to the shows was a challenge. Today, strangers from all walks of life are coming to dance with us.” - The Main - Montreal

"The Pomptet + TEA & Co – O Patro Vys – 10/01/12"

Walking into a busy venue on a weekday tends to make you forget what day it really is. So when people walked into the O Patro Vys last night, it was impossible to think it was actually a Tuesday, and that most people probably had class or work to go to the next day. However, any worrying academic or financial thought was flushed out for a few hours, as the crowd of friends and fans alike gathered around the little show space to support the sweet, amicable, and ever-growing bands of the night.

First up were the Thanya, Emilie, and Ali band, who’ve been progressively adding more dimensions to their sound with the help of recent member additions like Marc, the drummer; Simon, the trumpeter; Evan the guitarist; and their latest addition, Shaina, on backup vocals. Every time you see these girls perform will be better than the previous; that’s just how it works. They’ve evolved so much since their first sets; they’re much more comfortable on stage, and have gotten a good handle on all their songs and what direction they’re going with their sound, which isn’t exactly one you can label, but it’s something along the lines of jazzy indie folk, with a bohemian violin twist. They made jokes out of their technical keyboard difficulties throughout the set, which resulted in constant heartfelt giggles from the crowd. They also treated us to a few new songs, which are coming along wonderfully! - Meet You At the Show





TEA is a collision of haunting chamber folk harmonies and progressive jazz melodies which began in 2008. It started with Thanya Iyer (Vocals, violin, piano) and Emilie Kahn(Vocals, harp, flute), in their pursuit to climb the ranks of the British indie rock scene, these two classical fiends decided to collaborate with jazz bass extraordinaire, Ali Levy (upright bass) and form what we know as TEA. Through quirky tunes, haunting vocal harmonies and offbeat progressions, TEA brings a new form of sound to the table which resonates with truth and edge.

As their musical ideas grew, so did the band, the trio became a 6 piece collaboration. Simon Millerd (Trumpet, Synth) joined in with his 40s trumpet counterlines and swelling vibes on synth. Marc Beland (Drums, percussion) brought the rhythmic feel to the band with his offbeat pulses and jazz-influenced sound. Shaina Hayes (Vocals) came in on the lows adding a bluesy air and a unique texture to the vocal harmonies which completed the sound as a whole.

In December of 2011, the band joined forces with producer Jesse Macormak and their debut album was created, the self-titled TEA, a 10 piece collection songs. This eclectic and electric group is taking over the scene one song at a time.

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