Teacher Teacher

Teacher Teacher

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Hodgepodge of Americana, a modern day Johnny and June, this dynamic duo is set to put two new fresh faces onto Folk. Lyrical poetry backed with Faucher's twitter twang guitar playing style and colored with the vocal acrobatics of Emanuel create a sound unusally full for a tandem.


This has been a banner year for newly formed dynamic duo Teacher Teacher. With their feet in Folk and their booties in the puddin’, Teacher Teacher are positioned to catch the wave of a building Seattle music scene at its crest. After gigging in the city for months then headlining the Duo Showcase at this year’s Folklife Festival in Seattle, Teacher Teacher are back in the studio finishing up some 12 tracks at EarWig Studios in Georgetown. With the completed record, a timeless hodgepodge of Folkrock Americana, Teacher Teacher are sure to continue to build out its base and put a much needed fresh face on Folk music.
The development of their style is a union of singer songwriter Carl Faucher (Foe-shay), whose solo career began a decade ago in NYC when he broke into the lower east side music circuit playing The Living Room, The Sidewalk and CBGBs, where he blew doors with his acoustic rendition of War Pigs. Faucher’s songwriting has its roots in the traditional folk arrangements of Guthrie and Dylan while his guitar playing style offers a glimpse of the rhythm and pick combo that Neil Young pioneered. But, Faucher styles himself a singer first and foremost whose only accompaniment has been until now his Martin and a harp. Enter vocal acrobat Rebeccah Emanuel, a choir and jazz teacher, whose haunting soprano weaves its way in and out of the lyrics giving the songs new dimension both sonically and lyrically. Teacher Teacher is born. Get yer ass to class!


Rollie Pollie

Written By: Carl Faucher

Rollie Pollie it’s always so fun to hold ya
You curl up until I set ya on the ground

East to West and West the East and oversees we flown
Must get lost before you can be found

In the desert with the sunrise when I realized
I’d never seen a day like this before

Guess even back then I knew my destination
So I wrote it down slipped it under your door

Now I’m standin here on solid ground
With Nothing In My Way
Only the feeling of something new
Like that first light of day Hey Hey

Forward thinking red lights blinkin on the Freeway
Seems everyone just wants a place in line

I’m much bolder, like to take it to the shoulder
Cause I’d rather let the road decide.

Not too concerned with keeping in it all copasetic
Kind of pathetic when you keep it all inside

It’s a shoots and latters which one will you land upon
Keep spinnin soon you get the prize


Nothing Standin in My way
Door was open walked right through
Nothin Standin in my way
Only the feelin of something new
(Repeat X3)


Rollie Pollie
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The Road Goes to the Sky
Lady of Shallot
The Ballad of Rosie Ruiz
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