Teach Me To Fly

Teach Me To Fly

 Lansing, Michigan, USA
BandHip HopAcoustic

The music of "Teach Me To Fly" integrates folk, acoustic, country and rap very seamlessly to create a dramatic but highly soothing sound. The message focuses on God, his goodness, the everyday struggles of life and of wanting to know and understand God more personally and ourselves better.


Brian Laha was raised in the town of Lansing, Mich. A sleepy midwestern town. Like all of us he still struggles with all aspects of secular life....it's attitudes, its customs, beliefs and ways of living. Brian is currently a "new" christian and is trying right now to find a good spirit filled, life changing church that he may call home. He said that he is confident God will lead him to one. He also believes that we are all living in the last days........and he now wants to spend his remaining time using his music as a tool to make God as "real" as possible to whoever will listen.


Leaving The Secular World (EP)

Set List

1. Quiet Place Rush
2. I'll Fly Away
3. Hard Workin' Man
4. Last Train To Heaven
5. Leaving The Secular World
6. Flyng Down The Tunnel Of Light