Teagen Keith

Teagen Keith


honesty. music for me is more than enjoyable. i love it. love the way i feel alive when i play and sing. but for me its a need aswell. its a release. and writing, playing and singing whats inside of me.. whether it be good or bad.. is in a way healing.


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Written By: Teagen Keith

Bare feet. FEB 2008
© By Teagen Keith

when you first caught my eye.
i no longer wanted to hide.
i knew it deep inside
why i was here tonight.
when you walked over to me
i couldn't believe
but i could see
how i wanted it to be...

with you
i wanna run in the rain in my bare feet.
intertwined with your hearts beat.
dance with you in my little red dress
while i hum my very best
Kiss beneath the old street light
looking deep into your eyes.
i wanna run in the rain in my bare feet.
in my bare feet.

its been 3 years since that night.
this never felt so right.
in your arms tonight.
glad that you're mine.
baby, take me away
where the night turns to day
i just wanna say..
forever, i wanna stay


you knelt down on one knee.
asking me to believe
that i'm what you dreamed.
and that all you can see...

you wanna run in the rain in your barefeet.
intertwined with my hearts beat.
you wanna dance with me in my little red dress.
while you hum your very best.
kiss me beneath the old street.
looking deep into my eyes.
wanna run in the rain in you barefeet.
in my barefeet.

Frame This.

Written By: Teagen Keith

frame this.
17th April 2008
© Teagen Keith.

friday night couldn't have come any quicker
sittin here watching you thinkin
boy i know whats on your mind.
lets ditch this old town
maybe find an empty field somewhere
and just lay right on down.

but the destination don't matter at all.
its these moments before..

baby, lets frame this.
with you, nothing else exists
this old truck, country radio, lets drive.
what a picture perfect night.
painting dreams in an unknown sky.
windows down, the heat on high.
me, you, the dusty road..
love, forever, sweet kisses..
lets frame this.

boy i lose it when you run your fingers through your hair
do you even know how you make me feel
there's nothing that could compare.
watchin as you tap the steering wheel
the way the night frames your hazel eyes..
you just take me there...

b (as above)

c. (as above)

if only this moment weren't just a moment.
if only i could hold it right as it is.

See Me.

Written By: Teagen Keith

see me.
13th april 2008
© teagen keith

i was watching the falling leaves
from beneath the golden trees.
my thoughts were of you.
you fell into my fingertips
and i thought this was it.
this was it.

am i forgettable. am i invisible?

do you see me.
so you see me at all.
i'm standing outside your very front door.
here in front of all the world.
i wanna be your girl.
but do you see me?

and the rain falls
just like the leaves before.
but it moves too fast to hold.
too fast to hold on to.
and i should've known that
something that falls that easily
would never stay. never stay.

Just Waiting.

Written By: Teagen Keith

Just Waiting
january 2008
© teagen keith and nathaniel dixon

Just waiting.
Just waiting boy.
You don't know what's coming...
Just wait boy.

Shotgun & cigarettes.
Ready & waiting.
I got my shotgun & cigarettes.
You won't come round here no more

You pushed me so far
Cant' you see the bleeding scar
Did you even really care
cause you were never ever there.
now your coming round here
crying tears of loneliness & beer.
what do you want me to say..
just get gone today.

My Daddy's the toughest man around.
so don't you make a sound.
Hurting his little girl
boy, he's gunna wreck your world.
Between these five guns
and the two of us..
What else can i say
just get gone today.

This girl in front of you
is no longer your fool.


Written By: teagen keith.

© teagen keith
4th September 2008.

walking in the falling rain.
the droplets sing out a precuios tune
i find myself singing along.
and thinking of you.
this melody plays
all the words i want to say.
but they somehow slip away.

now i'm walking towards you.
i wish i could just tell you.

baby. you've swept me off my feet.
i'm flying higher than i've ever been.
you broke down these walls. opened my eyes.
we're surrouned by the brightest lights.
baby. you've swept me off my feet.

what is time enough?
when i could spend my every hour in your warmth.
you kiss my nose. not knowing.
i could burst..my love for you is overflowing.

now we're saying goodbye.
if only you oculd read my mind.

stop. before you drive away.
please. just let me say.


Written By: teagen keith.

© teagen keith
24th november 2008.

verse one.
this isn't coming out right.
it seems everything i do and say.
is making your run further away boy.
in my mind and in my heart.
i wish i could be as sure as the sun sets every night.
but the warmth fades with the light.

am i falling. or am flying. am i staying or leaving?
i don't know which way is up or down.
spinning around. around.
boy. the one thing that i've found..
i need you around...

verse two.
you've been gone now for thirteen days.
i never thought i'd be this way.
letting this feeling drive me insane.
my mind says i can be without..
but my heart ain't that strong..
my love. please don't be too long..