New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
BandHip HopR&B

"We only live to create our memory before we become part of history"~TeaJae


I’m stylish youngster who likes to spend time blazing up with gorgeous women, seeking to live life to the fullest.
My motivation is fueled through deep thought and pride in everything I do.
My HIP-HOP music is very pure. You can do so much in this genre and it allows me to pin my wit against some of the other people in the world, when it comes to song creation, style, and metaphors. Also, I’m still pursuing my R&B dreams, I just need to work on my voice but I’m still writing and selling R&B music to talented singers, and every now and again I will keep a few for myself.


The Official Mixtape is coming soon.
Please hit the YouTube link under the featured section to view my videos.