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Athens, Georgia, United States

Athens, Georgia, United States
Band Rock Alternative


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"Four-piece fires up: Band begins ‘suddenly,’ begins building up"

Everything about Tealvox is mysterious, including its start.

Lead vocalist and founder Cody Stalvey had started taking up guitar in a Watkinsville music shop when he met guitarist soon-to-be member Michael Meadow.

“Me and Michael met about two or three years ago and it all meshes together that long ago,” Stalvey said. “We never really kept track because we were never sure when the band started. It just kind of happened. You know, we were suddenly in a band.”

Its formation is debated — due to changing members and questions over what shows counted most — but the band usually pinpoints recording its debut album as that key moment. Starting there, the band clicked.

Initially, Tealvox played local coffee houses in the Oconee County area before expanding to The Melting Point to break into the scene.

A 2010 CD release show at the Caledonia inaugurated them as one of Athens’ own.

The band has recently dealt with health problems as Stalvey continued to perform several shows over several months with a lung infection.

“Once I was on stage, I guess the adrenaline and excitement and everything [helped],” he said. “I don’t remember the first part of shows, so for the first eight songs I can’t tell you what happened. I have to watch videos or someone has to tell me. Then toward the end of the set it would start hitting me harder and I would think, ‘Oh gosh I just feel like crap, I can’t do this.’ But I had to, this is what I’m doing.”

In a town where musical mitosis is critical, Tealvox is composed from several other bands including Radiolucent and Chris McKay & the Critical Darlings.

“We knew this other band called Radiolucent around town and I became really good friends with Andy [Appling] their drummer,” Stalvey said. “And when our [original] drummer quit, I asked him if he eventually wanted to play with us, and he did.”

The addition of Appling bred new fire into the group. It also sped things up in the Tealvox timeline.

“We’re going through an expansion,” said bassist Adam West. “We have talent that will be revealed.”

That expansion is unraveling the mystery of Tealvox as it enters a larger spotlight.

Now, it comes from all over.

Elements of all sounds come around in all directions: a hint of twangy Southern rock here, a little alternative there and the occasional sound of the soft starlighting Britpop — all appear in the music.

“The music is hard to describe, you just have to hear it,” Stalvey said. “For three years I’ve tried to describe the music, but I can’t. You just have to hear it.”

Though Tealvox is engaged in a battle with itself about being limited to one sound, having prior experience has prepared the band for the fast-paced changes.

“I had been playing shows before I met Michael anyways, so I had to have that experience,” Stalvey said. “We had played The Melting Point already, once Michael joined us. It was really, really fast once we got Andy.”

Its 2011 release of “The Next Room Over” is different from anything else any of the members have done before.

The music is more mature and assured and the influences come together more easily.

Featuring songs such as “In The Dark,” “Neon Lights” and “Weary,” the new sound is more professional: a solid, alternative sound reminiscent of U2’s vocals, Muse’s rhythms and The Killers’ vibes.

Now the band finds itself playing the Georgia Theatre with Bonnaroo-bound act Moon Taxi — something the band thought would never happen, when it began.

And while the band remains difficult to explain or pin down, this helps put another piece of the puzzle together.

Tealvox isn’t so mysterious.

“This will be our first time ever playing the Georgia Theatre,” Stalvey said. “Honestly, I cannot believe it’s happening. I had always dreamt of playing the Theatre, even before what happened. And now that we’re getting that chance, I’m so pumped.”


When: Tonight at 9 (doors)

Where: Georgia Theatre

Price: $10
- The Red and Black

"Alt-rock outfit preps ‘new, fresh’ sound"

Tealvox isn’t afraid to play late.

With high energy and an edgy sound, the local band is ready to take the stage to a sleepy crowd — and to shock them back awake.
“It’s emotionally charged with an undertone of aggression,” said drummer Andy Appling, who joined the band in 2010.
“I love playing with them. They are good, hardworking and musically talented boys. They inspire me creatively.”

Comprised of four members, Tealvox is a collection of various musical preferences and influences, ranging from Thrice to Johnny Cash.

Its latest album, entitled “The Next Room Over,” is made up of eight songs, each with its own distinct sound and personality. The album opens with fun melodies in “Neon Lights” and “Can’t Get Enough” then slowly progresses to songs with deeper meaning, such as “Dinosaur.”

The majority of the lyrics come from the mind of lead singer Cody Stalvey, who also plays piano and rhythm guitar. Nevertheless, it’s definitely a group effort, with each member contributing to each song.

“Cody usually tends to write the majority of stuff, but it depends,” said lead guitarist Michael Meadow.
“There is not a set in stone process or anything.”

Though the album debuted in January, the band is already experimenting with a new sound.

“We just want to write some new, fresh, more mature sounding things,” Meadow said.

A new album is in the works for Tealvox, but fans should brace themselves for an even more developed and artistic album.

“I don’t think it will be what people expect. I think folks will be able to hear a little more of a mature sound coming out of their speakers this next time around,” Appling said. “I feel that it will be a great record that folks of different backgrounds and ages will be able to enjoy.”


Where: New Earth

When: 9 p.m.

Price: $6 - The Red and Black

"Moon Taxi, The Apache Relay, Tealvox"

http://issuu.com/flagpolemagazine/docs/fp120229/31?zoomed=true - Flagpole Magazine

"Tealvox; Rock & Roll is still alive."

Some say that rock and roll is dead.

If that is the case, then it has been born again, in the form of local rock band, Tealvox.

Founding member and front man, Cody Stalvey, ignites the crowd with his enthusiasm and fearless vocals. His energy is driven by pure passion and not an ounce of it remains unused.

Drummer, Andy Appling, does not just bring the beat, he has got the soul. Bringing character and untamable talent to the stage, Appling is the perfect compliment to Stalvey's fierce persona.

Lead Guitarist, Michael Meadow brings just the right amount of solemness into the group, but do not mistake his humble stage presence as a lack of moxie. Meadow's sound is flawless and will send chills up your spine.

Bassist, Adam West, is the mysterious element of Tealvox. Usually crowned with a black fedora and a mischievous grin, Wests bass lines keep the band on solid ground.

The furture for these four musicians is bursting with light.

With three years under their belt, hundreds of shows, and thousands of Facebook fans, Tealvox recently earned the right to grace the presence of the historic Georgia Theatre stage, opening for Bonnaroo bound act, Moon Taxi. Tealvox had the entire crowd at attention. From the first song of their set to the very last thank you and good night, all eyes and ears were on them. They even attracted the attention of Georgia Theatre owner, Wilmot Greene. Greene stayed the length of their forty five minute set, something he says he rarely does.

Tealvox has developed a strong and loyal local following. They have fans who have become friends and friends who have become family. This band is armed with a strong foundation and immense talent.

With Athens, Georgia being the home to so many legendary musicians, it will be of little surprise when another band from the classic city breaks into the national music scene.

My money is on Tealvox.

Page Allen-White/Onlineathens.com

To learn more about Tealvox or to catch one of their upcoming shows please visit the links below.


http://www.reverbnation.com/tealvox - Onlineathens.com


Still working on that hot first release.



Tealvox is a band simply hard to explain.

Formed in 2008, the Athens, Ga. band has become one of the most talked about music sensations in the Classic City.

Initially, Tealvox started playing local coffee houses in the Oconee County area and expanded to the Melting Point to break into the Athens scene.

Frontman Cody Stavley joins Michael Meadow (lead guitar), Adam West (bass) and Adam Appling (drums/backup vox) for a mixture of classic, indie and alternative rock.

Its 2011 release of “The Next Room Over” is completely different from anything else any of the members have done before.

“The music they make today is nothing like the sound that ushered in Tealvox,” said Wayne Ford in his review of the album in the Athens-Banner Herald.

Collectively it’s an alternative style with an Americanized-Britpop sound, with noteworthy nods to the group’s influences—Coldplay, Muse and U2. At the same time, the college-rock style that Athens is known for quickly makes its presence felt.

In its live shows, the band becomes something different. They have the capacity of garnering a room’s attention and keeping the eyes on them for the entire set.

The group has performed shows with numerous Athens bands including the Orkids and the Michael Guthrie Band. The band also opened for Bonnaroo-bound Nashville act, Moon Taxi.