Athens, Georgia, USA

Tealvox is more than a band, they're a family and when they take the stage everyone in the crowd becomes a part of that family. Their music is the epitome of rock & roll.Their energy is unmatched, they put in 110% every time they play. When you walk away from a Tealvox show, you walk away inspired.


Tealvox is a band simply hard to explain.

Formed in 2008, the Athens, Ga. band has become one of the most talked about music sensations in the Classic City.

Initially, Tealvox started playing local coffee houses in the Oconee County area and expanded to the Melting Point to break into the Athens scene.

Frontman Cody Stavley joins Michael Meadow (lead guitar), Adam West (bass) and Adam Appling (drums/backup vox) for a mixture of classic, indie and alternative rock.

Its 2011 release of “The Next Room Over” is completely different from anything else any of the members have done before.

“The music they make today is nothing like the sound that ushered in Tealvox,” said Wayne Ford in his review of the album in the Athens-Banner Herald.

Collectively it’s an alternative style with an Americanized-Britpop sound, with noteworthy nods to the group’s influences—Coldplay, Muse and U2. At the same time, the college-rock style that Athens is known for quickly makes its presence felt.

In its live shows, the band becomes something different. They have the capacity of garnering a room’s attention and keeping the eyes on them for the entire set.

The group has performed shows with numerous Athens bands including the Orkids and the Michael Guthrie Band. The band also opened for Bonnaroo-bound Nashville act, Moon Taxi.



Written By: Cody Stalvey

My heart has grown weary
but i try to stay kind
If i could reach out and touch you
and prove the innocence of this crime

Well if you think that you can save me
i pray you try you best
you thought that you could reach me
but I'm more than in your head

i did not know
that this way my only chance

in the next room over
star cries on me
yeah she cries

in the next room over
star cries on me, yeah

Well aren't you so abandon
in this god forsaken land
But have you not rejected
every soul that lent you a hand

i did not know
that this was my only chance

Little Brother

Written By: Cody Stalvey

Little Brother dont you give up the fight.
I know its a shot to your pride
But you stand your ground

Little brother are you lost tonight
Step one wipe the tear from your eye
and you
Stand your ground

I'm stuck on the down beat i lost i lost my way

Little brother careful where you lay
You try to save her but she cant be saved
Dont you let, let it drag you down
Little brother ive been where you are
Take a breath and you'll heal from the scars
Dont you let, let it drag you down

Im stuck on the down beat i lost i lost my way

Yeah we wait for the pouring rain
Yeah we're safe till the morning comes
Yeah we wait for the pouring rain,

Im stuck on the down beat i lost i lost my way

The Adventure

Written By: Cody Stalvey

I see the light on in
i greet it at the door
then the fire started in the old warehouse in the back

I followed it way down there
To the watery street
Then i stepped on in and with a greeting it said hi.

They save the world up there
They said they did not care

I came up for air
To see the coast was clear
Then they gave me everything
Everything that they own
I slept in a tint
Made out of silk and velvet
And up my leg it came with a high.