Boulder, Colorado, USA

teamAWESOME! is an ultra-fun, indie-pop band from Boulder, Colorado. Our high energy performances and quirky, uplifting songs have proven capable of making even the grumpiest grump smile. We have released two action packed CDs and made scores of fantastic friends all over the country.


teamAWESOME! never intended to be a band. In the summer of 2005, we were in a basement when we found an old drum machine. Naturally, we turned the thing on and started singing and dancing over wild beats. When the owner of the drum machine, Nick Houde of Still Soft Recordings, came home, he immediately asked us to play a show with one of our favorite bands, Red Pony Clock. Needless to say, we were thrilled.

We worked hard to make each show we played more fun than the last. We added more instruments, built props, choreographed dances & baked lots of cupcakes. teamAWESOME! grew in members and the family of funseekers showing up to see us play increased as well.

Our first tour was a timid 9-day adventure, but the response was incredible; people were ready to have a blast in every city we played. When we received letters and emails begging us to come back, we decided it was time to book a longer tour. Since then we have completed three more tours of the western United States and one incredible national tour.

Thus far, we have had the opportunity to play with bands such as Ghostland Observatory, Tally Hall, Kimya Dawson (Of the Moldy Peaches), Matt & Kim, Thunderbirds Are Now, An Albatross, Mt. Eerie (The Microphones), YACHT, Whirlwind Heat & The Parenthetical Girls.

Presently, we are an 4-piece band and we are hard at work on a full-length album. The contents of the album are still top secret, but we promise bundles of fun and love.


Greatest Hits! Vol 1! (2005, Still Soft Recordings)
Heck Yeah! EP! (2006, Mighty Pop Music)
TBA (2008, Mighty Pop Music)
Oh My! (Comp 1, Still Soft Recordings, 2005)
Running Away! (Firsts, Digital Cloud Records, 2007)

Set List

We play a different set for every show. We have 2 hours worth of fun, original songs but we prefer to play for around 25-45 minutes. We have some fun covers, but we rarely play them.