Team Blitzkrieg

Team Blitzkrieg


Sexy, catchy, sixties.


Team Blitzkrieg is a four piece garagerock band from Bergen, Norway. Even tough Bergen and Norway is mostly known for their black metal scene, Bergen and Norway has an interesting garagerock scene.

Team Blitzkrieg are influenced by sixties music in particular, but also find a lot of inspiration in punk, soul, rhythm & blues (the old/right one) and reggae. The likes of The Who, Pretty Things, The Easybeats, The Kinks and The Byrds are very influential on Team Blitzkriegs song writing process, while bands like The Clash, Martha & The Vandellas, Blondie and The Cynics fulfil our “sound�.

Hello! We are Team Blitzkrieg from Bergen, you must be the Peoples Republic Of China!

In 2007 after about a year and a half of existence, Team Blitzkrieg releases their first album, “Let’s Do It To Them, Before They Do It To Us�, on their own label in Norway in March. The album received a lot of good reviews and was then released in China by October Party Records. After playing a lot of concerts in Norway, Team Blitzkrieg went on tour in China in September 2007. The tour was a great success for the band and a great experience. I you haven’t been to China – go!

In 2008 Team Blitzkrieg has been working on their new album “Sprechen Sie Pop?�, and been playing concerts in Norway. The album release date is still unknown, due to an unfortunate setback when Team Blitzkriegs rehearsal facilities burnt down to the ground with most of their equipment. However they aim to release a single from the album come January. Unless any real nice label pick them up, they will release it themselves.


I Don't Know

Written By: Ferstad/schei



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Lets Do It To Them, Before They Do It To Us CD

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Set List

Fast and furious. 25-45 minutes depending on the setting. We sometimes cover more or less known garagerock songs or new-wave/punk songs.