BandHip Hop

18 and 19 year old rappers from Mansfield Ohio. Both coming from living in less than middle class homes who found a gateway through music and want to share their stories over it.


Clutch Bio- Henry James Bradley IV was born and raised in Mansfield Ohio by both of his parents, Henry and Sherry Bradley. He grew up around music being in church his whole life. He finally decided to take music seriously when he was 16, coming up with the stage name "Clutch". He gave his self this name because he feels like he has exactly what the industry needs right now at this time. Influences are his grandmother who always told him to reach his goals no matter what. His mother and also his father.


Overtime {Mixtape} By Clutch
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Point of View {Mixtape} By Clutch
Overtime 2 {Mixtape} By Clutch
Point of View 2 {Mixtape} By Clutch
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