Team Flex

Team Flex

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Artists in Transformation. Creative. Inspiring. Captivating. We utilize the information we possess.

Paris/Tokyo Records affiliated, dedicated, that makes us motivated. Enjoy.


Team Flex is a wonder within itself. To describe them, it takes a good listen to Team Flex's music. There isn't just one word to sum them up. They're creativity and versatility combine to create not just music, but art. An intricate painting to a blank canvas. Start with the first mixtape, Forget Low Expectations. This EP showed the versatility. With fun-loving, make-you-dance songs such as "I Got Swag," which is the most popular at this point, to "Airbound," which gives you a little bit of the sensual side.

Then comes H,I.P. H.O.P. an EP thriving with intricate play on words and melodies, with a conscious message in every song. From the most popular "This Is H.I.P. H.O.P." to Dimensional Philosophy, every song has a message that everyone needs to hear.

Get ready for a big future with Team Flex. A new mixtape will be out shortly, showcasing the next step in the EVOLUTION of Team Flex. with a huge EDM influence on this EP, Team Flex will reach a wider audience, showing their versatility on a larger scale.

A tour will be in the works, more information TBA.

From their creative and catchy music, to their awe-inspiring and captivating performances, Team Flex is the catalyst for the new breed. Enjoy.


2011-Forget Low Expectations Mixtape

2012-H.I.P. H.O.P Mixtape