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Team Genius

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Alternative Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"L Magazine"

"Their material reveals a band with a sophisticated understanding of pop music, honing in on gliding harmonies and bright, boxy choruses." - L Magazine


Team Genius is a pretty badass band who take pop music and make it as eclectic as they can to create great music. -

"Crashin' In"

This debut self released album is a pure joy of surprise/excitement. Their songs are catchy, poppy indie numbers that refuse to leave my head all day long. Fans of old K Records and Polyvinyl Records releases need to check them out. -


Team Genius may just have one of the most interesting eclectic pop records of the year on their hands. -

"Jersey Beat"

Right from the marvelously bizarre opening song "Take Me Home" you know that this ain't gonna your run-of-the-mill generic pop-rock album: a wacky falsetto vocal bounces off a persistent electronic beat and crisp fingersnaps. The rest of the album follows suit with one catchy and inventive track after another which admirably eschews the bland and conventional in favor of the novel and imaginative: Quirky highlights contained herein include hale-n-hearty toe-tapper "Sing Song", the groovy rocker "ABC" and the lulling and soothing "Speak Softly" . Toss in eclectic and harmonic arrangements, infectiously robust singing, an inspired sense of pure go-for-it audacity and creativity, and the net result spells -WINNER- all the way. A gloriously flaky and idiosyncratic one-of-a-kind doozy. - Jersey Beat


Hooray - March 2008 (E.P.)
Team Genius - October 2008 (Full Length)
Points In Between - 2010 (Full Length)



To say Team Genius is a musical ensemble composed of multiple abnormally intelligent individuals is a bit much. But still, more than is usually the case, this is a band name that holds truths: two truths to be exact. The first being that Team Genius possesses above average musicality and finely tuned songwriting prowess, hinting that someone quite smart is behind the creative wheel. The second, and most important, is the way in which the members of the band/team are interconnected both musically and personally, and the clarity with which the aura of this tightly knit relationship is communicated through song. Listening to Team Genius on record is not enough. Although their recorded material is full of its own merits, this is one of few bands whose music simply begs to be experienced live.

Team Genius is a freshly baked Brooklyn-based band, only having been playing together since September 2007. Before adding the "team" to the "genius," brothers Drew (vocals, guitar) and Chad (bass) Hermiller, along with Scott Dyer (drums) performed as a straightforward three-piece band. "Eventually we wanted to add a bit more to the sound," explains Team Genius frontman/founder Drew Hermiller, "so I bought a synth and we added Erin (Griffith) to play that at shows -- and then eventually we just decided to kind of go for it all the way and form the very cliché collective type of thing." Hermiller acknowledges it was the only way to get the bigger, more dynamic sound he was looking for. "Basically we had enough friends that happen to be skilled musicians as well to make it work. It doesn't feel nearly as much like a big stupid Brooklyn collective, hipper-than-thou indie band as it does like getting together with friends, having some beers and playing tunes."

A bit of trivia leaves little room for mystery as to why the music, photos, and videos of Team Genius emanate an almost tangible closeness between its members. With the exception of Canadian vocalist/mandolinist Emma Firth, the entirety of Team Genius hails from the same home state of Ohio. More so, the band includes two sets of siblings: Drew and Chad Hermiller, and Rebekah and Elizabeth Allen (trumpet and accordion, and saxophone and keys, respectively). Furthermore, Team Genius recorded their first EP, Hooray, in Drew Hermiller's living room, and overdubbing and mixing for their self-titled debut LP (released in October, 2008 and available through iTunes, eMusic and CD Baby) took place at four different studios and home studios of various friends.

The majority, if not entirety of Team Genius songs are at least vaguely designed to make you move and smile. "I'd have to say the stuff on this first album is probably best live or in a group setting," Hermiller says. "They've just kind of got that energetic vibe. They're also great tunes to listen to with a beer." Multi-instrumental layers -- many of them acoustic strings, percussion, keys, and horns -- and upbeat rhythms churn and bounce under festive melodies for much of the band's songs. All the while, there is that definitive feeling of carefree camaraderie -- the sounds of friends enjoying life together as one musically armed unit. If you're into comparisons, imagine a free-spirited, youthful amalgamation of Talking Heads, Okkervil River, the National, Broken Social Scene, Danielson, and John Lennon.

"I don't write all that much about interpersonal relationships," says Hermiller. [On Team Genius] "I kind of looked at things a bit more broadly and basically tried to put another viewpoint out there. A lot of it had to do with being a few years out of school and basically looking at where I and all my peers were and saying 'what the hell are we all doing here?' Basically I'm trying to put something out there that's a different way of looking or thinking about general conventions, like what makes us happy, what's really important. Hopefully the tunes accomplish something kind of two fold: one being that they're a damn good time, and two, the lyrics and feeling of the tune makes the listener think, if even just for a bit." Hermiller sites "music, movies, books, photos and sports" as inspiration and asserts, "A lot of the times it's folks I actually know and real life that's the most affecting. Seeing the every day stuff that me and the people around me go through seems to teach the most lessons and ultimately provide the most material."

A glimpse at Team Genius's MySpace page gives you a taste of the slew of positive press the band has received thus far. Hermiller knows his band has something good happening, but acknowledges the unpredictability of the future. In ten years, "I expect that we'll be a slightly bigger name than currently," Hermiller says. "You pretty much have to expect that if you want to stay sane... I also see us all being a bit more diversified. I have strong interests in producing and writing for other artists and I'm sure folks will want to fiddle with side projects and such. Also, I expect