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Matching outfits. Synchronized dance moves. Retro pop meets the future of hip hop. Jem and the Holograms got nothin' on TEAM GINA!


TEAM GINA has synchronized dance routines that will blow your mind. TEAM GINA has phat beats and hype rhymes for days. TEAM GINA has matching outfits that will make you cry.

TEAM GINA are blowing up. They've taken over their hometown of Seattle Washington, performing with artists like LESLIE & THE LY’S, NORTHERN STATE, THE TRUCKS, KRISTINE W, THE GO! TEAM, STINK MITT, ROBO SAPIEN, KATASTROPHE, THE ATHENS BOYS CHOIR, THE CLIKS, FAN KICK and SCREAM CLUB. Team Gina has rocked the CAPITOL HILL BLOCK PARTY, the official SYNTHESIS MAGAZINE BUMBERSHOOT PARTY, MONDO HOMO DIRTY SOUTH, QUEER FEST MIDWEST, and they are staples at Seattle venues like Neumo's and Chop Suey.

Team Gina has been featured on KEXP 90.3 in a live performance on AUDIOASIS and in countless publications including INSTINCT, CURVE, OUT, THE STRANGER, THE SEATTLE WEEKLY, SEATTLE SOUND, GO NYC, THE ATHENS BANNER-HERALD, NASHVILLE SCENE and THE ADVOCATE. The Ginas have toured nationally, selling out the Knitting Factory Old Office in NYC, packing huge venues from Atlanta to Austin to Los Angeles to San Francisco and their video "BUTCH/FEMME" has screened at film festivals from Zurich to Berlin to Milan and has garnered over 100,000 hits on YouTube.

Team Gina has released two albums, GINA GINA REVOLUTION (2007) and PRODUCTS OF THE EIGHTIES (2008). Products of the Eighties was engineered by RADIO SLOAN (Peaches, the Need) and features performances by LESLIE & THE LY'S and KIDS ON TV.

TEAM GINA is made up of two fierce femmes: GINA BLING and GINA GENIUS, a former Homecoming Queen and Pageant Winner who have over 20 YEARS of dance classes and theater performances between them. They even appeared on the Broadway stage in XANADU and may or may not have played Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski on Saved by the Bell. You can listen to their dope jams at but truly, TEAM GINA must be seen to be believed.


release date August 2008, full length enhanced CD.
Don't Stop Believin' Records

released January 2007, 8 song EP.
Don't Stop Believin' Records

Ponies in a Stable, compilation CD.
Don't Stop Believin' Records

Set List

A typical Team Gina set is 30 minutes long including musical and dance numbers.

The Ginas also make fantastic Masters of Ceremonies, and have hosted/MCed numerous multi-act events.