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With the current music scene churning out countless carbon copy acts touted as “the next big thing” it is an increasingly rare occurrence to discover a unique performer taking music in a new and refreshing direction. With Team Goldie, however, it appears these discoveries can be made in the unlikeliest of places. Started in the Summer of 2004 as the bedroom studio project of Matt DiStefano and hailing from Landenberg, PA (a town more well-known for its general store than its music scene) Team Goldie’s songs explode with the clever lyricism of hip-hop, catchy pop hooks and energetic dance beats that, when combined, create a sound that is as easy to enjoy as it is tough to classify (“I don’t like to get caught up in genres” muses DiStefano, “but I think ‘hip-pop’ has a nice ring to it.")

Never intending to reach anyone outside a small circle of friends he played his first show in November 2004 to a crowded Syracuse University apartment and since then hasn’t looked back. With DiStefano playing all live instruments on recordings (with the exception of programmed drums) translating the songs to the stage took a modern approach. Armed with nothing but an iPod, a microphone and a notably energetic and interactive live show; dimly lit basements and college parties quickly turned to packed clubs and all-ages venues sharing the stage with the the likes of Gym Class Heroes, Ted Leo, Men, Women & Children, Boys Like Girls, Piebald, Hit the Lights, The Receiving End of Sirens, Bayside, Plain White Ts, Punchline, I Am the Avalanche and many more. After two marathon bedroom recording sessions The Anniversary EP, the first formal release, was unleashed on the public in late 2005 to critical praise and the smiling eardrums of kids across the world. quickly named Team Goldie to their list of Absolutely Unsigned bands, called the EP "perfect for the dance floor and your headphones" and shows grew exponentially as DiStefano all but erased the line between performer and audience with a truly unique live experience.

With a genre-bending collection of songs, a healthy internet buzz and an unmatched live experience it is only a matter of time before the words of's review ring true: "Once this gets into the hands of the right people, Team Goldie will be a household name."



Written By: M. DiStefano

right now i'm getting clean so that later on i can go out and get dirtier than anything that you have ever seen. oh please, just leave me be and i will see you when the lights go down and our eyes meet across a crowded room. peekaboo in the hospital ICU. can you see me. i'm the one strapped to the sheets and attached to all these IVs.

and when i'm eighty i'll still be shaking my artificial hips to the beat of the life support machine.

objective: use our tongues like knives to comb the clubs and bars and dives in hopes to find some women fitting to be future ex-wives. we're sly, we know. i know, you're right. but that doesn't seem to change a thing tonight. i'm armed with these scars and the best intentions to use all my limbs like deadly weapons. so draw a crowd and clear the floor then draw your swords in the name of cardboard cause there ain't no shame in the game so don't be afraid but will you answer when the tiger beatbox is calling your name.

my dance card reads like a resumé.
i'm sorry son but you're way overqualified.

well, you can feel your stomach's sick as the room begins to spin. she takes you by the hand and of course you follow her in to the third door on the right. i guess it's one of those nights. before you know it she disrobes. the floor's covered in clothes. just for safety, hit the lights. you fall headfirst into bed as you trip over her coat and what's worse is in your head an angel's screaming "oh, please don't" and before you know it she's panting the words to the record that you wrote.


Written By: M. DiStefano

this is the year that they'll all catch on to these heartbeat words set to these upbeat songs and you'll be daft as hell and probably sing along not knowing that they're all about you. this is the rebirth of old colors. i put the bass back in basement lovers. she used to be green, now with a phd in getting down between the covers. oh brother. it's criminal how cynical this boy has become. i'm clinical, i'm typical, i'm typically young. i'm better when i'm getting all the things that i want so make grabs and take stabs at brass rings with sharp tongues. oh, do you know who wrote the book on clever lines and telling lies and giving dirty looks. well, she tops the list of all the dirty crooks when both her and her telephone are off the hook.

i called you up and i didn't get an answer.
you said "baby, you're a heartbreakdancer."

this is a whispering campaign of pop songs and popped corks off of bottles of champagne. hey, i'm tasting summer on my lips and the space between my floor and hips is getting thinner by the minute. you know we're all part-time sinners and full-time cynics so tilt your head and then listen. today's lesson is spilling from your speakers. the class is getting down and i will be your teacher. oh me, oh my. surprise, surprise. i've got these bright ideas and even brighter eyes. i've got a list of demands and it states that if you have a chance take it then start erasing every single last backup plan. throw your heart in the ring, cross your fingers and part your hands because we're taking it all back, baby.

Spring Break 1871

Written By: M. DiStefano

i knew a girl once who forced her craft with flasks full of shit that'd take the paint off a cadillac. i told her once "you're so goddamn vain." she thought this song was about her but it ain't (except for that line.) put a pen to the paper, wrote "moving on." it's been a good amount of time since you been gone and all the same bands still playing the same songs and all the same girls not making the same calls but i keep my chin up, cause you know i fly right. crossed sights make an old flame re-ignite. i could start a forest fire with a match tip. i could reach into a haystack and pull out a sewing kit. i like girls that are sensible, actions not reprehensible. get me a cutie with her nose in a book who's modest about her good looks.

angel, work to get your head straight.
you've been sleeping half a decade.

she'll be marilyn i'll be arthur miller. oh i will be rick and my girl will be ilsa but this time she's not leaving the ground cause somehow we're gonna figure it out. we'll make it work like the night shift, flirt like we're bright kids dropping references to the shit that we're liking. before you know it she'll be wearing my clothes and her voice will be inside of my phone cause you know when i hit the road she'll be missing my x's, my o's, my hugs n' kisses. existing just to sing and dance for the kids but every now and then some bitch will wanna talk shit. though it seems like when i write i've got good technique cause my tongue's got a condo inside of my cheek. i'm renting space for the bitties too cause you know that's how i do.


Anniversary EP (2005)