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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"6/26/04 Show Review"

"Although The Beat Buttons said farewell to their drummer, the first band Team Mascot christened a new bassist. I heard that they lost their bassist just the night before. Bravo. I really liked their set. It made me bounce. I also noticed my lips moving in an unvoluntary gesture to attempt to sing along to songs I'd never heard before. Very catchy, upbeat and melodic punk sound. If you didn't make the show, you missed a good one. But I don't think you would have fit anyway. Common Grounds stayed packed,wall to wall, all night long."
-Amy Blunden -

"7/7/04 Show Review"

"...First up was Team Mascot, a three-piece pop punk band anchored by drummer/lead singer Tom Gilhuley (formerly of Pawn Rook Four). I was really impressed with the versatility of the band. They have a drummer who can actually sing - which is always impressive - and their guitarist also played keyboards and took over on lead vocals on some songs.Though this was only their second show with new bassist Michael Gualtieri, Team Mascot sounded pretty tight.
Although there are only three members, they have a surprisingly diverse sound. Gilhuley kept the band together with some flawless beats and impressive vocals. Overall this band put on a fun set."
-Adam West
- Gainesville Sun

"CD Release Article"

" The Mascot's time has arrived.
Back in the infancy of my tenure for this column with cute dimples, I promised to clue readers in on the wonders of Team Mascot. And I had intended to do so in the near future of that time - which is now the far past of this time, which is the present (more accurately, it is the future of the present in which I am now writing, but that's just going to confuse everyone, so I won't bring it up). However, various nefarious entities intervened, interfered and interjected in the inner workings of my ongoing communique with the Mascot and therefore prevented a happy, fortuitous outcome for quite some time.

All is well, though, as the band has released its new album, "It's A Sweater!" (which happens to be the single greatest album title in recorded history). And now you deserving folks have an opportunity to experience it.

While the Mascot is all kinds of drunken fun on stage and in person, the music is actually pretty serious and weighty. All three members share singing and songwriting duties, and as such, the melange melts into a tossed salad of diversity. From the good-natured sneer of Green Day to the keyboard flourishes of the Dismemberment Plan, TM adds various accoutrements to their love for good '80s pop, no matter how buried under layers of sound it might be.

Did I mention they'll be celebrating this release with a show on Friday at Common Grounds, 210 SW 2nd Ave.? Yes, I just did."
-Conor Mitchell
- Gainesville Sun


LP-"It's A Sweater"
Tracks getting local/regional airplay from "It's A Sweater":
-"White House Briefing"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Basically two dudes who played in a band together out in Oakland, California back in 2001 have re-united in Gainesville, Florida. Tom(ex. The Smooths, Pawn Rook Four) moved down from New York and Dave (ex. The Blast Bandits) moved out from Oakland. We started this band in August, 2003. We've played with several bass players, but are now working and writing as a 2-piece and brewing our own beer. We've got one record out ("It's A Sweater!") and are currently in the midst of writing a new one. Check out the tunes above and on our website We're always down to play your town so give a shout if your interested. Cheers to beers and wiffleball!