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Team Rezofficial is a collaboration of A-list, high profile Aboriginal M.C.s in which their second album 'The World and Everything In It' is intended to dazzle, yet again with their killer lyrics and slick beats.



Originating from points all across North America, Team Rezofficial is a family of three MCs & two producers brought together by their love of real hip hop. By no means bound by any regional sound, the seven members of Team Rezofficial mesh and weave their authenticity into everything they create. Whether they’re speaking on the block, the reservation, or just hanging out at the club, their intricate storylines and hard-edged production pulls the listener deep into the whole experience. The collective has garnered the respect of jaded hip hop fans and industry professionals alike who love the raw sound of Team Rezofficial music.


In February of 2004, TEAM REZOFFICIAL came to be. STOMP and JAY MAK originally began
“Rezofficial Music” as a production duo. Once HELLNBACK left his previous group to peruse a solo career, they recruited him and then-newcomers DREZUS, and TOMISLAV to help hold down the emcee duties for their TEAM REZOFFICIAL collective.

TEAM REZOFFICIAL quickly grinded out four major projects; two independent releases - the "HARD WORK AND HUSTLE" and “Family First” mix tapes (Rezofficial Music), and two successful major label releases; the award-winning full-length THE FOUNDATION (Arbor/EMI Records) and the OST “Stryker” (Arbor/EMI Records). With these records under their belts, and their first two singles hitting High and Medium rotation on Much Music respectively, TEAM REZOFFICIAL quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the Canadian Urban Music Industry.

Team Rezofficial is now back with a new record The World and Everything In It (Arbor/EMI Records) which features two hit singles Paper Music and Lonely that are in high rotation on Music Music. The CD contains 16 sizzling’ hip-hop tracks that is without a doubt one of the hottest hip hop albums of 2008.

It's easy to hear the different life experiences that each member of Team Rezofficial brings in the music that they create. HELLNBACK, BIG STOMP, and JAY MAK all hail from the First Nations surrounding Hobbema, Alberta, while DREZUS represents Saskatoon, Saskatchewan/Calgary, Alberta, and TOMISLAV comes straight from the gritty streets of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Capturing the essence of reservation life mixed with urban flavor, Team Rezofficial is showing people how it should be done.



Written By: Jeremy Manitopyes, Tomislav Milardovic, and Jason Quenneville

[Intro: Drezus & Hellnback]
(Yeah, Yeah Yeah, Big Dro, Hellnback)

[Chorus: Hellnback & Drezus] (*Repeat 2X*)
We grind in the streets, find us on them beats
It’s official, you cocksuckers can’t compete
I gets buck with mine, raise your hands one time
We ain’t hard to find, you get left (Lonely)

[Verse 1: Hellnback]
I make mega marks, my team mega spark
hella cannon heaters filled with green mega-dark
Spit them clever darts, sever tarts, ripped apart,
Spray that we shit round here, you gon’ get (Lonely)
And we get it man, set it and hit it and
Flip it four bucks in grands, no one can fuck with him
It’s a hustle fam, knows we don’t fuck around,
Once you hear that sound, knees will start bucklin’

[Verse 1: Drezus]
Raised in the east, born MC, roll with the beat, follow me
Through the hustle brother, streets keep on callin’ me
No stoppin’ he who comes through for the people (Right)
Montes and Regals (I’m) Drizz from the red people (I’m)
Holdin’ it down for the kids in the street hustlin’
While pops out still guzzlin’, and moms is still strugglin’
You fuckers still sleepin’ on heat we releasing mane,
Team got em fiendin’, the hottest this season mane,

[Break: Drezus & Hellnback]
Gyeah, yeah yeah yeah, ya’ll motherfuckers really ain’t ready man
Yo dro, holler at these boys (Lets go)

[Chorus: Hellnback & Drezus] (*Repeat 2X*)

[Verse 2: Hellnback]
Leave your tracks noodled, leave your dogs poodled,
You strudel fuckers get the whole kaboodle,
And I’m dumb nice, you about funds right,
Dysfunctional family life left you (Lonely)
And I’m safe with lines, locked and saved my rhymes
Make it hard for you to try n fuck with mine
We get buck sometimes with that gunktah bop
Helly heatrock (Drizzay!) holdin’ down your block

[Verse 2: Drezus]
Don’t play with Big Drezus now, fuck around and leave your style,
Beaten down messy like Pesci Casino style
Pump this them G’s go wild, chickens, their shirts come off,
That’s the reaction to classics, we tax ‘em all,
Hard work n hustle, that’s what makes us official and,
Takin’ you fuckers out, exing out middlemen,
This is that real shit, like jackin’ for meal shit,
I’m speaking on street shit, I know you goin feel this,

[Break: Drezus & Hellnback]
Yeah, Jay Mak! I know you goin feel that shit. Big Stomp man, I got my hat fully tilted man, these fuckers are cocksuckers man,

[Chorus: Hellnback & Drezus] (*Repeat 2X*)

[Outro: Drezus & Hellnback]
Rezofficial, Double S, yeah!, you get left (Just Lonely)


The World and Everything In It - 2008
The Foundation - 2004

Keep on Movin from 'The Foundation' - 2004
Paper Music from 'The World and Everything In It' -2008
Lonely from'The World and Everything In It' - 2008

Set List

Our set list is usually an hour and half which include these songs:

No Time To Quit
Just Bounce
Magic Days
So Fresh
Times Have Changed
Keep On Movin
I Love Your Soul
You Can Get It
Bounce On A Circle
Close Call
Take My Hand
Paper Music
I Must Leave
It's A Wrap