Team Robespierre

Team Robespierre


fast paced high energy


Powered by synth hooks, programmed dance beats, and a dirty punk rock ethos, Team Robespierre first hit the streets in winter 2004. With a sound that melds the future and the past, the Team brings back memories of 80s new wave and 90s hardcore while offering something raw and different. By rejecting the trappings of art school art rock, the Team strives to continuously recreate a sound with a vicious bite and a driving beat. The band has recently expanded their repertoire to include live drumming and costumes fit for their renegade sweat-filled dance parties. Team Robespierre has embarked on two successful East Coast tours, sharing the stage with such varied peers as: An Albatross, Japanther, Torche, Kylesa, The Willowz, Hightower, Gil Mantera’s Party Dream, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, Federation X, Wires on Fire, Mahi Mahi, and Coliseum.



Written By: Team Robespierre

red yellow purple blue/your shiny skates cant beat our waterslides/you have to be this tall, you have to be this tall/cant ride that shit backwards kid, cant ride that shit backwards kid/you have to be this tall, you have to be this tall/dolphin barracuda shark

S.O.S. (monkey progress)

Written By: Team Robespierre

a primate is a primate until he grows a thumb/then he beats his mate and apoligizes just for fun/a snake is a snake until he grows some legs/then he gets a headache and now he has to beg/do you really think we learned our lesson?/i think that we are the missing link/fire off bananas until we're all extinct/or swing from tree to tree until we are all free?/they'll stick you and they'll prick you with their forked tongues/they'll make you smoke cigarettes through an iron lung/im your mother/im your father/im your son/im your daughter/S.O.S. MONKEY PROGRESS


split 10 inch vinyl with Brevator released on Chrome Peeler Records.

Set List

Usually about 20 minutes or less, fast and furious.