Team Spider

Team Spider


Team Spider is a "Bike-Punk" band from New York City. With Ska, Reggae and Hardcore influences, they write catchy melodies, infectious sing-a-longs and Kick ass. If Chuck D grew up listening to Operation Ivy and the Misfits instead of James Brown, he would've formed Team Spider. !!Ride yr Bike!!


Team Spider was formed as a punk band several years ago in New York City. They immediately stood out from other local bands in many ways: including... Their celebration of cycling (particularly critical mass bike rides), their extensive use of video (a weekly Manhattan access TV show / viral videos ), their lack of ageism ( their original lyricist was an 80 year old man who performed alongside them up until his 2006 passing ), their love of alternative venues ( park shows, machine shops, boats )

NBC soon produced a viral documentary about Team Spider which has been a top 10 viral video at dozens of sites ranging from youtube to ivillage.

Team Spider's own Widely Popular Blog / VLOG ( ) documents the ongoing difficulties facing NYC bicyclists as the police and city slowly adjust to the rise in popularity of cycling. ( including videos of police chasing band members through the streets of NYC and even into their own homes ).

Team Spider frequently has their friends / co-conspirators appear LIVE on the Access Show and Webisodes... including; MATT AND KIM, JAPANTHER, AN ALBATROSS, JELLO BIAFRA, CHOKING VICTIM, BAD BRAINS and many more....

TEAM SPIDER's toured Europe, The US, and the Airwaves, all on their own terms. D.I.Y., independent, and sustainable,,, they are the future of rock.


fuck Brakes

Written By: xris

St Peter at the pearly gates,
Ask me why’d I say: FUCK BRAKES
Ya mean we’re free to decide?
Might fall! But not Today!
cause we’re going down, either way
woah o!

fuck brakes!
Mistakes were made, in the land of free, built by their slaves
Taught to behave, by ‘corporate’ crooks & DiGgers of mass grave ( ho hoho ho)
I never co-LOR-ed w/in the lines
(my) flags and bridges (I) ( fuckin’) burn(ed) behind
1.( u lie / we fry / doored and doomed yet still we ( fuckin) ride

Fuck brakes.
Again the hell of my jail cell, rats and roaches make yer prisons swell…
Harps and clouds of yesterday… they slowly drift(in) awayyyy
(now) My kitty kats, snotty and ratt,
wait by the door , for sneak attax
break-in’ free from>( (my)) laws and lies, their sweet meows say
(fuck it) “still we ride”

--fuck brakes---
ST peter at the pearly gates, asks me WHY did I say fuck brakes !?
Like we’re free to decide!
MIGHT KNEEL! But NOT TODAY! Keep -‘em Seperate! IN THE USA!
‘cause we’re on our-- knees…-- EITHER WAY!

Live free or fuckin’ die-hi----live free or fuckin’ dieeeee-yi
Live free or fuckin die’-hi---- live free or fuckin dieeeee-hi-yi
Live free or fucking die*—hi, (we’re free to fuckin’ die )
Live free or fuckin die! (we;re free to die-hi)
Livc Free or fuckin die! We’re free to fuckin die )
Live free or fuckin’ dieee…. ( we ‘re free to) FUCK BRAKES!

Sum may Say

Written By: Xris / Team Spider

some may say
I threw it all away
But that’s alright, my people are gay
My momma cries,
Cause I live like a suicide
Either way, its alright

---what can we do, what can we do?
‘ I need some one to fuckin’ sue
-----------theres a feeling in my brain,
-----------but I’m not worried just the same
-----------God says he’ll get me a new one
-----------though I didn’t get a train
-----------he fucked up just the same
-----------cause I got a black ‘n blue one
-----------gonna rip him a new one…

some may say
I wasn’t true with my aim
Either way, its all Okay
My momma cries,
Cause pain’s a part of my life
Either way we roll the dice

------what can we do, what can we do??
--the king of the jews cant fuckin sue
-----------there’s a feeling in my brain,
-----------but I’m not worried just the same
-----------God says he’ll get me a new one
-----------though I didn’t get a train
-----------he fucked up just the same
-----------cause I got a black ‘n blue one
-----------I’m gonna rip him a new one
(bass solo)
(gtr solo)

Maybe he’s only in my brain
But he seems real just the same
we all die alone
far from home
Shoulda ripped him a new one
but I was the good son…

We Own The Streets

Written By: Xris / Team Spider

i may never get
What we’re taught to expect
What you call privilege
I call respect
Counting me and my friends
Black sheep until the end
The rights you take we don’t fuckin’ lend
To One P.P., ( one police plaza) they summon me
Pant legs stained with grease
Deli bag on my seat, as the cops ride shotgun next to me
Meanwhile across the street, Sean Bell’s grieving widow bride
Gathers with some friends to cry
Unaware these rights are saying goobye
--We’ve got to take a stand
--remove your fucking hands
Right of Assembly, robbed right from under both you and me
My wounded heart grows cold, so fucking cold
It’s power unchecked on America’s favorite set… but
Manifest at my feet…

City council usurped, as they thank the cops for invading their turf..
Feel a dark buzz as I enter their hive, photographed and scanned
Anonymity dies, 50 cops against a back wall grin,
50 shots they’d Like to see me have within..
‘Till they hear the words from one of their own,
See the weakness in their Imagined throne,
only thing that’s worse than a sucker unchecked
is a sucker who knows
He’s got nothing left….
Manifest at my feet…

The uncaged heart so easily offended, sit close to the pole, never feel your chain end yet,
They drink freely on the rights you expect, till the drunk mutha fucka’s wrap a noose
Around your neck…

Power unchecked is in effect, its 50 shots from a drunk ass cop…


====7 inches / Splits====
SUMMERTIME IN THE CITY - 8 song ep. 2003
(financed by NY State Unemployment)
featured band members ranging in age from 15 to 80 years old.

OUT LIKE A MATCH - 5 song ep. 2004
Produced by Wharton Tiers ( Sonic Youth, Helmet)

THE SOUND OF MUCUS - 5 song ep. 2004

BUSH BUSH BUSH - 6 song ep. 2004
recorded for Farenheit 911 film soundtrack
*contains college radio hit 'Bush Bush Bush'


FUCK BRAKES- 2007. 8 track album
Team Spider records

=====other appearances...
Riot Ska Compilation(Europe/US) - 2 tracks - Beer Records, Choke Records
Songs in the Key of Lice, Compilation (USA/Europe)

Set List

set includes: 10-12 original tunes, 1-2 covers
40 minutes.... sample set list:
-We own the Streets
-Fuck Brakes
-sum may say
-bush bush bush
-taken apart
-critical mass
-corporate trash
-know that i love you