Team Swerve

Team Swerve

 New York City, New York, USA
BandHip HopPop

NYC's very own Team Swerve. We are not a group. We are brothers. We do not have one path. We do not have one lane. We swerve.


Team Swerve presents Holly Starks, KayFly, Derrick Swerve, Dj Zeeti and Hoffa Billz. Growing by the song,we also incorporate our #TeamSwerve movement on twitter and facebook, creating more than just music, but a complete culture and a viral takeover.Everyone is apart of Team Swerve and be comfortable with themselves. With over 250,000 followers combined on twitter, everyone is starting to feel swervy! From the Hennessy And Seduction Mixtape taking over the web, to the outstanding visual content provided on youtube, Team Swerve has taken it past music. Making the whole movement a culture. And with Internet Moguel Dj Zeeti at the helm of the concerts and the mixtapes, the culture is extended even further.


Better Off - Holly Starks ft. KayFly
Get Busy - Team Swerve
Imagination - Holly Starks & KayFly

Planting The Seed (Holly Starks)
Lost N Found (Hoffa Billz)
Hennessy And Seduction (Holly Starks & KayFly)

Music Videos:
Better Off - Holly Starks ft. KayFly
Get Busy - Team Swerve
Focus - Holly Starks
Stay Swervin - Holly Starks &KayFly
Imagination - Holly Starks & KayFly

Set List

Compensation: To Be Discussed

At least 17x17 (if possible)

Sound -
Serato Box
4-5 Microphones
Full Sound System w/ Speakers