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"CCSU student attempts to make name in the music industry"

At the beginning of his courses, Instructor in Finance Malton Edwards sometimes likes to ask students what their goals are. Jesse Perkins, a senior finance major, didn’t balk at the question. He said he wanted to work on Wall Street. As the course progressed, Edwards began to realize that Perkins was not just paying lip service to the idea. His insightful comments and eager questions in class, and his projects—including a PowerPoint presentation on material gleaned from the Wall Street Journal, for which he earned 11 out of 10—attested to Perkins’s focus. What’s more, Perkins was conscientious about coming to Edwards’s office hours when he knew he needed further explanation. But while Perkins may be motivated in finance classes by a love of investments and an ambitious career goal, he is not intimidated by other kinds of academic challenges. For example, he calls Lynn Talit, who taught him in an English composition course, one of his favorite teachers. Why? “Because she broke my back,” he says. “She made me work really hard.”

The way Jesse Perkins approaches his academic work is illustrative of the way he operates in general. His motto might be summed up as: Aim high, bring energy and enthusiasm to what you do, but always remain open to self-improvement.

This was exactly the approach Perkins took when he arrived at CCSU in the fall of 2005, as a transfer student who wanted to make a positive impact on campus life. In particular, he had a desire to elevate and invigorate the presence of hip hop culture. Says Perkins, “I felt that hip hop was being misrepresented on campus.” He notes that many people don’t recognize the universality of the music genre, which comes out of rock and disco, combined with a love of poetry and word play. He notes hip hop music, DJ-ing, dancing, and audience participation also have the power to bring people together.

Perkins became the founder of a student group called Club Hip Hop. Adviser Montez Johnson recalls how Perkins came in full of enthusiasm, ready to take the campus by storm. Despite his lack of knowledge of student activities protocols, Perkins was welcomed by fellow students and faculty alike because of his ideas and energy. Other student organizations quickly became eager to collaborate with the new entity. (Says Perkins, “Shout-outs to all the fans, all the faculty members—everybody who supported us, we love you all.”)
Club Hip Hop’s biggest event so far, held in the Welte Auditorium in December, was the highly successful Hip Hop X-Plosion, which featured locally, regionally, and internationally well-known hip hop groups. In addition to sponsoring music, improv, and comedy events, Club Hip Hop hopes to forge an alliance with a community group, such as the YMCA, and create avenues for community service and fundraising. “I think the sky’s the limit with this club,” says Perkins, who was the club’s first president and is now its chairman. “I want to collaborate with these clubs all around and make hip hop a part of life, so people can see it’s more than what they see on TV.”

Community service has been an individual project for Perkins since he came to New Britain. He has been involved in mentoring at Pathways, a neighborhood center for underprivileged children, where he encourages kids to aim high. Notes Montez Johnson, “A lot of kids need mentors who can talk their language, and Jesse wants to use his youth and his hip hop background to talk to these kids.”

Perkins, also known as “Jay Perk,” is also the producer/manager of Team Unofficial, a hip hop group for which he is also a songwriter and performer. Team Unofficial plays in clubs around New England, has scored promotion deals with local radio stations, and has release a number of CDs. “We touch many genres,” notes Perkins. “We touch many demographics.”

That performing comes naturally to Perkins is no great surprise to those who know him and have experience his charisma. As Lynn Talit notes, “He relates so easily to everyone around him. He is genuine, a thoroughly honest young man.”

Perkins says his experience running the accounts for his music group has complemented his education in finance at CCSU, although it hasn’t been easy balancing academics with performance gigs. Going forward, Perkins hopes to find a way to make a career in finance and keep up with his music. He says, “I always like to challenge myself.”
- The Courier

"X-plosion set to rip the bad rep off hip hop"

NEW BRITAIN - Although through the years, hip hop has been given a bad name, a group of local college students is out to change that.

The goal of Club Hip-Hop, a group of about 20 students at Central Connecticut State University, is to preserve the positive aspects of hip-hop, according to group founder Jesse Perkins.
"Before I started the club, I thought hip hop was not being treated fairly," Perkins said. "Every day, it's portrayed negatively. We're here to change people's mindsets."

According to Perkins, hip-hop has contributed many positive things to the community at large. For instance, successful hip-hop artists often form charities and provide more jobs to people who aren't able to get corporate jobs, such as accountants and marketers.
Plus, hip-hop gets young people who want to be musicians off the streets, giving them a goal to focus on, Perkins said.

The club's latest event, the "Hip-Hop X-plosion," will feature several well-known Connecticut groups, including the internationally known group Paperboyz, Phar-City, Team Unofficial and many more.

The concert is scheduled to take place Dec. 1 from 7 to 10:30 p.m. at CCSU's Welte Hall.
Perkins, 21, a finance student at CCSU, is also the manager of "Team Unofficial", a Connecticut group whose songs have aired on radio station Hot 93.7. The group was formed a year and a half ago and in that time has formed a following of local college students, Perkins said.
Perkins said he isn't sure of his future plans with the band.

"It depends on where the fans take us," he said. "It's kind of like a hobby right now, but it's getting more serious as time goes on."
Phar-City is one of the biggest groups in the area and has also had airtime on Hot 93.7, Perkins said, and the Paperboyz are currently performing in Germany.

All profits made from the event will benefit the CCSU organization "Hip Hop", in its efforts to promote hip-hop awareness on campus. Tickets may be purchased at the door. General admission is $5 and admission for college students is $3.
Sara Capozzi can be reached at, or by calling (860) 225-4601, Ext. 320.
- The Herald



Team Unofficial (4/18/06)
Big Time (10/31/06)
Unofficial America (11/7/07)
Blazen’Way Promo presents: The Winter Warm-up (12/2007)


Hypno Muzik (2nd quarter 2008)



Are you ready for “THE EXPERIENCE”?

Are you looking for excitement? Are you looking for variety in your music? Do you love an outstanding performance? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, Team Unofficial is the music group that you are looking for.

Formed in 2003, Team Unofficial has proven that they can withstand the ups and downs of the music industry. Comprised of three college students, group members Perk Influence, Brixx Man, and Jim Charlz are set to bring back the fun and excitement to the music industry. With their unique style of music, one cannot help but lend an ear to their music. This has given Team Unofficial the opportunity to perform live with some of the most known music acts, including Wu-Tang Clan, Cage, and Busta Rhymes. The group has always delivered over-the-top performances even in the smallest of crowds. Team Unofficial’s success allows the group to attract the attention from many demographics.

What makes Team Unofficial different from their competitors is their ability to blend or even perform different genres of music. This given the group the label of “Hybrid artists” or” Crossover Artists”. Originally a hip hop group, Team Unofficial is attempting to make their name in the techno industry. With their style of techno music, called “Hypno”, song lyrics are fused together with synthesized beats to produce an invigorating experience for the audience. Instead of just a DJ playing tracks, performances consist of Team Unofficial giving the crowd great amounts of energy while their DJ pumps instrumentals out of the sound system.

Currently Team Unofficial is completing their first crossover album “Hypno Muzik” (tentative title). During this process, the group will be releasing several singles and mixtapes to increase the anticipation of the CD. Team Unofficial is also working on their official website. Make sure you stay tuned. You do not want to miss out on these artists.