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Team Unofficial

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Team Unofficial takes TECHNO to the next level and fuses it with hip hop. HYPNO is here!!!


Are you ready for “THE EXPERIENCE”?

Are you looking for excitement? Are you looking for variety in your music? Do you love an outstanding performance? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, Team Unofficial is the music group that you are looking for.

Formed in 2003, Team Unofficial has proven that they can withstand the ups and downs of the music industry. Comprised of three college students, group members Perk Influence, Brixx Man, and Jim Charlz are set to bring back the fun and excitement to the music industry. With their unique style of music, one cannot help but lend an ear to their music. This has given Team Unofficial the opportunity to perform live with some of the most known music acts, including Wu-Tang Clan, Cage, and Busta Rhymes. The group has always delivered over-the-top performances even in the smallest of crowds. Team Unofficial’s success allows the group to attract the attention from many demographics.

What makes Team Unofficial different from their competitors is their ability to blend or even perform different genres of music. This given the group the label of “Hybrid artists” or” Crossover Artists”. Originally a hip hop group, Team Unofficial is attempting to make their name in the techno industry. With their style of techno music, called “Hypno”, song lyrics are fused together with synthesized beats to produce an invigorating experience for the audience. Instead of just a DJ playing tracks, performances consist of Team Unofficial giving the crowd great amounts of energy while their DJ pumps instrumentals out of the sound system.

Currently Team Unofficial is completing their first crossover album “Hypno Muzik” (tentative title). During this process, the group will be releasing several singles and mixtapes to increase the anticipation of the CD. Team Unofficial is also working on their official website. Make sure you stay tuned. You do not want to miss out on these artists.



Team Unofficial (4/18/06)
Big Time (10/31/06)
Unofficial America (11/7/07)
Blazen’Way Promo presents: The Winter Warm-up (12/2007)


Hypno Muzik (2nd quarter 2008)

Set List

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