Team Unofficial

Team Unofficial

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Team Unoffcial is "Energy, Variety, and Satisfaction" in one. The shows will speak for themselves. No egos here. Team Unofficial just loves to give spectacular performances for diverse crowds. There is a song for everyone.


Team Unofficial is the hip hop group known for explosive performances and non-stop excitement!

Team Unofficial was started by three New England college students. At first, the fans didn't notice Team Unofficial's presence in the music scene. It wasn't until the first performance that people started catching on to their music.

From then on, each show has helped Team Unofficial develop their skills. Basic tasks such as stage coverage and artist synchronization has helped Team Unofficial become the entertaining artist that they are now.

Now, Team Unofficial has taken their performance to a new level by incorporating various types of music into their tracks. You might get a rock song, then a reggaeton song, and then a soca song. You'll never know what Team Unofficial will bring to the stage but in the end the fans get what they need-ENERGY!!!

Team Unofficial for your next event!!!!


Team Unofficial (April 18, 2006)
Singles: "Holding the game", "What's Really Good"

Team Unofficial Pt 2: BIG TIME (October 31,2006)
Singles: "Throw it Up","We about to blow", "CT-NY-RI"

Team Unofficial America (out 2007)
Singles: "Yea gurl"

Set List

Set list varies upon type of setting

Energetic Performance (1 hr to 90 mins Blended)
Throw it up, We about to blow, We Kings, Spanish Bounce, Da Me (Reggaeton), Thank you, Number One, Yea Gurl, Jump (Rock Song), The Energy Artist, Throw it up (Remix), Is this the end

For ladies (45 to 60 mins blended)
Thank you, Number One, Overtime, It's all about you Yea Gurl, We could do it, Kit Kat, Look at dat, Spanish Bounce, Da Me (Reggaeton)

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