"When I listen to this music I see myself in a study, sipping brandy, fantasizing about murdering my trophy wife." -Paul D'Acunto


Clarke!, Amy, and Kana all met at The Berklee College of Music in Boston in early autumn of 2007. Our drummer, Joe, who was friends with Amy from back home in California, found his way into the band shortly after. Since September, they've built up a repertoire that is as impressive in its quality as in its quantity. With the addition of Alex Margitich, the band had come full circle and finally decided the music was ready to be performed.

What sets us apart from other bands: We have an accordion and a melodica!

Influences include Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground, Animal Collective, Jeffrey Lewis, Daniel Johnston, The Doors, Wilco, Beirut, Devothka, and The Beatles.



Our first EP, "Soundtrack to 'An Endgame'", directed by Anthony Rocco and Alex Berenbeim, will be out by the end of Summer 2008, and expect a full length album by the end of the year.

Set List

1. The Fog
2. Weightless
3. A Girl
4. Restless Doubt
5. All Falling Outs Pt. I and II
6. Song 038
7. Innocent Man's Crime
8. Attention Whores
9. To the Fines Actor
10. Thought of Better Days
11. Happily Ever Something

Our sets can be comfortably played at 30 - 50 minutes.