Teapot Hill

Teapot Hill

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Vancouver’s Teapot Hill is a pop band fired with a healthy dose of rock and roll. Teapot Hill brings honesty and intensity to the stage, crafting songs about glory, fear and loss. Soaring vocals and searing melodies define Teapot Hill's sound.


Teapot Hill is a five-piece indie folk rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia. With one foot in the past and one in the present, Teapot Hill brings it like a cross between the Byrds and Arcade Fire, combining the psychedelic vibe of the early 70’s with the indie blues of Cat Power.

The band formed New Year’s Day 2010. The first songs came together quickly with all members contributing original material, a band tradition that continues to this day. After playing locally – including an opening slot for Polaris-nominated artist Morlove – a handmade 7-song EP was released in Fall 2010 and quickly sold out.

By September, two of the founding members had left in search of adventure. It didn’t take long to find Eva wielding her electric and Zuzia, bow held high, gripping her violin. With the new lineup, new ideas were explored and cultivated. The songs that resulted were different than the batch that came before – noisier, with more intricate vocal parts, exciting new arrangements and even sweeter boy-girl harmonies. In 2011 Teapot Hill played shows throughout the Lower Mainland and toured BC, ending with a performance at the 2011 ArtsWells festival.

In August 2011, Teapot Hill traveled to Ladysmith, British Columbia to record “Night Night Rock”, their first full-length album, with Jordan Koop at the Noise Floor. Voices cascade over each other, guitars jangle and wail, strings soar. Hit after hit, “Night Night Rock” never quits. It’s a record about romance, nighttime, wolves, a girl named Carol Anne and more.


Teapot Hill EP, Fall 2010

Night Night Rock (To be released, May 2012).

Set List

Average set list for a 45min slot:
Evil Things
In Dominion Trees
Gonna Be Together
Carol Anne
Sunday Night
Death Comfort Me
We Will Never Quit
Poor Moon
On The Wilds
Big Country
I Won't Let You Down
Forget Me Not